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10 December 2012

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 10 December 2012


Councillor Morris (in the Chair

Councillors Caley, Dobson, Harbidge, Oliver, A Walker, Wells



Councillors Hardy, Sinkler, N Walker, Webster


In Attendance:      

Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)

Ward Councillor Birmingham (agenda item 6, 11 and 12 only [minute 92, 97 and 98 refer])



There was one member of the public present for the public forum and agenda item 11 (minute 97 refers) only





Prior to the meeting Councillor Harbidge and Councillor Wells were handed letters showing they had been granted dispensations to enable them to participate in the discussion of and participate in any vote on the setting of the precept for the Parish in 2013/14 despite having a pecuniary interest for the reason that without the dispensation the number of persons prohibited would be so great a proportion of the Council as to impede the transaction of business (S31 (4) of the Localism Act 2011 refers).  As a result no such pecuniary interests were declared.


Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9b (minute 95 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee; Councillor Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9b (minute 95 refers) as a member of the Village Hall Management Committee and agenda item 12 (minute 99 refers) as a school governor and a pecuniary interest in 9b (minute 95 refers) as the recipient of a payment.





A member of the public discussed future options regarding noise pollution from the A1035 following the response from ERYC to the letter from the Parish Council and the enquiries made by Ward Councillor Pollard after the last meeting.




Resolved –The minutes of 19 November 2012 are signed as a true and correct record.




Community Benefit Fund


Theresa Hall had asked that an official thank you was given to the Steering Group on behalf of RidgeWind for all the hard work they had put into compiling the report which she called ‘helpful and comprehensive’.  RidgeWind had sent a copy to Karen Wood at ERYC and William Lee at Albanwise.  RidgeWind expected to be in touch again next year to invite local representatives to be part of the Administrative Body.


Councillor Morris added his thanks to the steering group for their hard work and also thanked Mrs Wells for her hospitality.


Ditches on Butt Lane


Following Ward Councillor Pollard’s request for information we have been informed that the drainage board identified the council as landowner and the schools property manager has agreed that remedial work will be carried out in 2013/14.


Certificate of Lawfulness


A certificate of lawfulness to occupy New Ferry Farm in breach of agricultural occupancy has now been granted to the property in perpetuity.


Agricultural occupancy requires the main income to come from agriculture.  As there is no evidence that this has not been the case during the last 10 years (without any objections being raised by the local community) the certificate of lawfulness could not be denied.





Agenda items 11 and 12 (minutes 97 and 98 refer) were discussed while Ward Councillor Birmingham was present.  Other issues raised included the entrance to High Farm, problems with the maintenance of a gully/ drain in Weel, and problems with the speed limit signs on the Tickton bypass.  Feedback had also been received from Ward Councillor Pollard confirming that the tree on Meaux Road had now been cut back and that work to clean the ditch on the north side of Butt Lane would be carried out during 2013/4 by School’s Property Maintenance as ERYC had been positively confirmed as the landowner by the Internal Drainage Board.





The information received from the Police and Neighbourhood Watch was noted.




12/04670 – Removal of Condition 1 (agricultural occupancy) of planning application 308-178A at New Ferry Farm, Weel Road, Weel – Mr & Mrs D Setterington


Resolved – The application should be refused on the following grounds





Financial Statement:


The financial statement to the end of November was presented to the Parish Council.  This also showed predicted areas of over and under spending.

Resolved – Additional bulbs will be purchased from the existing budget for use at various sites around the village.




Tickton Village Hall



Mr Little

Resolved – To pay £52.48 salary


Mr Brice

Resolved – To pay £127.49 salary


Mrs Lloyd

Resolved – To pay £930.40 salary and £7.20 expenses



Resolved – To pay £357.40 PAYE


Mrs Oliver

Resolved – To pay £11.50 recharge for bulbs



Resolved – To pay £3,120.00 for garden maintenance contract

96   2013/4 PRECEPT 


The level of Parish Council expenditure for the coming year was discussed.  Due to a change in the calculation of the tax base the impact of setting the same precept as the previous three years would increase the cost to all households, however principal authorities will receive a grant to reduce the amount required from householders but it is as yet unclear how this will impact on precept levels.  As a result ERYC had granted an extension to the submission date.


Resolved – A decision on the level of precept is deferred until information is available on the impact of the grant on the level of precept.



97   A1035

Following last month’s resolution to support the petition requesting ERYC to consider using a quieter road surface when they resurface the A1035, a response had been received from the area engineer stating that resurfacing would not take place for many years and the only work still to be undertaken was some surface dressing treatment to increase skid resistance on the Tickton bypass section of the road.  This may reduce the noise slightly as it uses a quieter running surface than the existing Hot Rolled Asphalt.  No work on surfacing will take place on the rest of the road for many years.  The Parish Council were asked in writing by a resident to consider a request for a reduction in the speed limit to reduce the noise level further on the bypass as an alternative.


Resolved – A process will be put in place to request a reduction of the speed limit on the Tickton bypass from 50 mph to 40 mph as this will mitigate some noise pollution.





The Parish Council discussed the contents of an e-mail from the empty property officer at ERYC which stated that compulsory purchase had not been considered for Red and Green Cottages as it was understood that the properties are planned for demolition and then new build.  As he believed the properties do not receive many complaints and do not directly affect anyone no further action was required at present other than re-boarding of the properties to deny access.


Resolved – The Empty Property officer will be contacted regarding his response and steps are to be taken to enquire about the possibility of Red and Green Cottages being designated as listed buildings.





A number of Green Lane residents have requested that the Parish Council consider actions to alleviate parking problems in Green Lane particularly around that part facing the entrance to Butt Lane where car parking is destroying an area of planting.


Resolved – The Area Engineer of Streetscene Services will be asked to visit the site/send a representative to suggest what measures could be put in place to protect this area.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45pm. The next ordinary meeting was scheduled for 21 January 2013.