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13 February 2017

Draft Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in the Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 13 February 2017

Present:                               Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

                                                Councillors: N Walker; Webster; T Walker; Lenton; Oliver; Wells; Greenwood and

David Siddle, Rural Housing Enabler, ERYC for Agenda item 5.

Apologies:                          Councillors Morris and Caley

Absent:                                No-one

Public:                                  One member of the public in attendance

Minute Taker                     Mrs M Middleton – Clerk


016/17 Part I

PUBLIC FORUM – One member of the public in attendance. 


Cllrs Oliver and Wells declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 13 (Minute 029/17 refers) as representatives on the Routh Wind Farm Fund Committee.  Cllr Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 15.2 (Minute 031/17 refers) as an employee of the Village Hall.

018/17 MINUTES

Resolved: The minutes of the meeting of 16 January 2017 were approved as a true and correct record 


David Siddle presented data reflecting the low level of affordable housing within the Parish (4/5 properties). ERYC is looking at opportunities for community led housing, providing a stake in long term future housing, funding is available.  ERYC can undertake a housing needs survey on the request of the Parish Council.

RESOLVED:  D Siddle to provide the Parish Council with a Housing Needs Questionnaire 


The monthly update and activity report was circulated for information.


The following correspondence was made available for discussion at the meeting;

 ·         Play Park Inspection

The Play Inspection Company has completed the annual inspection reporting an overall low risk of the play parks and equipment.

RESOLVED:  Clerk to arrange for Handyman to undertake minor recommendations reported by The Play Inspection Company Ltd 

·         Tickton Pre-school Proposed Helicopter Landing – Recreation Grounds, Village Hall

The Parish Council Insurance Company cannot cover activities undertaken on the site by private individuals or outside organisations.  Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken by the Pre-school and pilot.

RESOLVED:  Cllrs agreed to the helicopter landing providing the following conditions are met.  The Pre-school and pilot must provide; proof of insurance to include public liability and cover for landing on such land, a copy of the risk assessment to demonstrate that the proposed landing site has been considered as safe and proof of aviation permissions as required. Tickton Pre-school be responsible for the safety of the children and other members of the public who may be present either as part of the schools or generally at the location by providing prior warning notices, and closure of all site entrances. 

·         Rural Co-operatives’ Programme – Cllrs noted content.

·         ERNLLCA January Newsletter – Cllrs noted content.

·         Citizens Advice Bureau – Cllrs noted content.                                                                      

Handyman’s Report

Due to heavy rainfall, the bike ramp has become muddy, the Handyman suggested installation of matting.

RESOLVED:  Cllrs agreed no further action required; matting may cause trip hazard 


East Riding of Yorkshire Council has two consultations; Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule and Statement of Community Involvement until 6 March 2017.

RESOLVED:  Circulate public consultations via the Parish Council website and noticeboards


RESOLVED:  Neighbourhood Planning to be deferred for discussion at a future meeting. 


One application has been received to date.

RESOLVED: Advertisement for the Councillor vacancy to be placed in Tickton Diary, All About Tickton Facebook Page, Parish Council website and noticeboards with a closing date of 3rd April 2017


A report of an obstruction on the public footpath at Crown & Anchor caused by foliage and ivy.  There is also a fallen tree near to Hull Bridge.

RESOLVED: Clerk to contact Streetscene re: removal of obstruction on public footpath, Crown & Anchor and to remove fallen tree 

025/17 ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION WITH WARD COUNCILLOR –No Ward Councillor was present.

Dog Fouling

Under the Antisocial Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, does ERYC intend to implement a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to include the initiative adopted by some councils in making it an offence for dog walkers to be unable to produce a bag or demonstrate the means to clean up after their dog? A fine of £100 has been suggested.  The response from the Ward Cllr Pollard was noted.  The Parish Council agreed that the £100 is not workable.

RESOLVED:  Raise public awareness by including appropriate information on Parish Council website, noticeboards and Tickton Diary 

 Wood Pigeons

May the Parish Council ask for some positive action regarding the Wood Pigeon population in the Tickton area.  There must be some potential health risk from the droppings of the large numbers of these birds.  Last year, ERYC could not do anything because the birds were nesting so please could something be done this year before the start of the nesting season, otherwise the population will increase even more.

RESOLVED: Clerk to contact Ward Cllr Pollard regarding Wood Pigeons


Cllr A Walker reported the theft of motor vehicle, damage to a motor vehicle at Routh and break-ins reported by Tickton Grange and Real Aid.  Sheds continue to be a target for local gangs.  Please can residents continue to be aware of telephone scams.


Planning Decisions

16/03828/PLF – Santana 3 Butt Lane Tickton – Construction of pitched roof to existing garage and Installation of two windows to front elevation following conversion of existing garage (Permission granted – 3 conditions)

Planning applications

16/04175/PLF – Bridge Keepers House 311 Hull Bridge Road Tickton – Erection of stable block and store/tack room following demolition of existing stable – Comments extended until 14.2.17

RESOLVED:  No comment

16/03149/CM – Land North of Yarrows Aggregates Limited Leven Bypass White Cross to Leven Roundabout Leven – Erection of an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant and associated works – Comments by 21.2.17

RESOLVED:  Objection on the grounds of factors affecting the environment, pollution, leisure, tourism, visual amenity and transport


Cllrs N Walker and Webster updated the Parish Council on meetings held and the potential impact of the planning application.  A public meeting is scheduled for 19 February 2017, 2:00pm at the Recreation Hall, Leven.  A request was made for information to be made available to the public, financial support towards campaign printing and legal costs, and permission for a banner to be sited in the Parish.

RESOLVED:  AD information be displayed on Noticeboards, website and All About Tickton Facebook page


The grant application has been drafted and the Committee will meet in March to finalise documentation prior to submission.

MOTION PROPOSED BY CLLR OLIVER, a recorded vote was requested ‘In view of the length of time since the Tickton Sports Working Group’s report on the tennis courts, that the Parish Council consider canvassing public opinion on works to the tennis courts via the website and the ‘All about Tickton’ Facebook page in order to provide more recent evidence of need to add support to applications for grant fundingwas not seconded and therefore not put to a vote.

RESOLVED:  This motion is not approved

030/17 POLICY

The following policies were presented for approval and adopted by the Parish Council; Safeguarding, Home & Lone Working Policy, Equality & Diversity and Member/Officer Protocol

RESOLVED:  Cllrs approved and adopted Policies and to sign-off at a later meeting 

031/17 FINANCE

The end of January financial report was presented.


The following payments were presented for approval at the meeting;

Tickton Village Hall – Room Hire – £10.00

The Play Inspection Company – Annual Inspection – £195.00 + VAT

East Riding Group Ltd –  GL Cullington Field Drainage Ruts – £1045.50 + VAT (request to transfer funds from General Reserve into Cullington Field Drainage Budget to enable payment of invoice)

I Brice and M Middleton –  Salary

Resolved:  Cllrs approved the above payments and agreed £1045.50 be transferred from General Reserve into Cullington Field Drainage Budget


RESOLVED: Cllrs agreed not to circulate Personnel Minutes on Parish Council Noticeboards and website and to decide that Grant Funding Committee Minutes be displayed at each meeting 


Cllrs considered the content, format, advertisement, and invitation list.  It was agreed that the event should host stands and to invite a key speaker Alan Bravey, ERYC to highlight the Emergency Plan.

RESOLVED:  Clerk to draft advert for Tickton Diary, send invitations for stand-holders and invite Alan Bravey, ERYC as key speaker to discuss the Emergency Plan


An extra-ordinary meeting is scheduled 27 February, 2017 at 7:30pm.  Alan Bravey, ERYC is attending to support the preparation of the Parish Emergency Plan.

035/17 There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.  The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 20 March 2017 at 7.30pm