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15 April 2013


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 15 April 2013


Present:                      Councillor Morris (in the Chair)

                                    Councillors Caley, Harbidge, Oliver, Sinkler, A Walker, N Walker, Webster


Apologies:                  Councillors Dobson, Hardy, Wells


In Attendance:            Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)

                                    Ward Councillor Birmingham (for agenda item 6 [minute 4 refers] only)


Public:            There were three members of the public present for agenda items 1 to 2 only (minute                                   1 and 2 refer).






Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9 (minute 7 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee; Councillor Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9 (minute 7 refers) as a member of the Village Hall Management Committee and agenda item 10 (minute 8 refers) as a member of the Jubilee Committee; Councillor T Walker declared a non-pecuniary in agenda item 10 (minute 8 refers) as a member of the Jubilee Committee; Councillor Caley declared a non pecuniary interest in agenda item 9 ( minute 7 refers) as a member of All Saints Church, Routh.



2             PUBLIC FORUM


One member of the public raised the issue of the fence on Tickton Playing Field and another raised issues about parking on Main Street on Sunday and about his request for residents to help pick litter prior to the Scarecrow Hunt on 4/5  May 2013.





Resolved –The minutes of 18 March 2013 are signed as a true and correct record.



3             MATTERS  ARISING


Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 29 April at 7 pm in the Village Hall.  Theresa Hall will be attending to present on the Community Benefit Fund.  Karen Wood may also be invited to attend



Parish Council Network Meeting

The first meeting is to take place on Wednesday 24 April at 7pm at Ulrome.  Councillor N Walker would attend


A1035 Cycle Path to White Cross


East Riding had confirmed that Department of Transport funding had been confirmed for the upgrade of the cycle path between Tickton and White Cross.  No date has yet been given of when this will take place.





Items raised included the siting of the memorial to the airmen; marking out the bus stop; a request for a litter pick on Weel Road and Meaux Lane; the potholes on the A163; the flagpoles at Tickton Hall; and Red and Green Cottages.



5             COMMUNITY SAFETY


The information received from the Police and Neighbourhood Watch was noted. 


A report was given about an incident where the school caretaker was attacked by a Staffordshire terrier/pit-bull type dog which came into the school car park during the holidays. It gave him a very serious bite and although we have informed the police, the dog has not been found. There is a request that if anyone sees a stray dog of this type in the village the police should be informed immediately.



6             PLANNING    


Planning Decisions 

Ref DC13/00111/PAD/EASTSE/KA – Display of 6 No. Flagpoles with flag advertisement at High Farm Routh for Mr Pat Northgraves.


This application is granted permission for 6 flagpoles only and for a time limited period of 12 months only.


Ref 12/04109/PLF – Installation of ground mounted solar panels at Kinetic Special Vehicles Limited, Weel Road, Tickton for CKL Properties Ltd


This application is granted permission with a number of conditions affecting the entrance, landscaping and the height of solar panels and electrical cables.


Planning Applications

Ref 13/00537/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to side, porch to front and associated internal alterations at Fir Trees Kindergarten Unit 5 Fir Trees Industrial Estate Hull Bridge Road Tickton for Mr M Piper.


Resolved – The recommendation is that this application should be approved but that the following condition is imposed


·       Adequate systems of attenuation of additional surface water must be put in place



Ref 13/01143/TCA – Fell one Silver Birch due to size, close proximity and excess shading to rear garden and property at 68A Main Street Tickton for Mr Alan Skeer


Resolved – No observations are made on this Section 211 notice



7             FINANCE




Tickton Village Hall

Resolved – To pay £14.40 room hire


Mr Little



Mr Brice




Resolved – To pay £514.60 membership



Resolved – The clerk is delegated to approve payment to a maximum value of £25



Annual Return and Supporting Documentation

The Annual Return and supporting documentation was presented to the Parish Council prior to audit which detailed the expenditure for the year over the headings required by the Audit Commission, an analysis of the variances from last year’s results, the fixed asset value and details of the outstanding commitment for the year and the reserves carried forward. 


Resolved – The Parish Council approve the Accounts and the carry forward subject to audit



Risk Assessment

A revised risk assessment was presented to the Parish Council and discussed.


Resolved – The Parish Council approved the Risk Assessment



Effectiveness of Internal Audit

A paper was presented on the scope independence and reporting of the current internal audit service


Resolved – The Parish Council approve the current internal audit arrangements.


Budget 2013/14

Consideration was given to the budget for 2013/14 based on the approved precept.  This included a discussion on the rate of rent for the allotments and football pitches, the allocation for Weel play equipment, a fund for the replacement of play equipment, payment of an increment to the clerk, grants for the church village hall and the size of the community fund.


Resolved –The budget as attached at Appendix 1 is approved. 



8             JUBILEE MEMORIAL

The Jubilee Committee had recommended that the funds from the Jubilee Event should be spent on a stained glass panel for the Chapel and a bench for the western entrance to the village


Resolved – This recommendation is supported





When the fence was redone one property was empty and as a result the PC did not have permission to cut back extensive bushes that had grown around the fences.  As a result the fence was not replaced at this point.  The occupant now wants to remove the bushes and erect their own fence but cannot do so without affecting the Parish council fence.  They are now asking permission to do this but the result will be that the PC will need to make good the wire fence.  There is also an issue with one occupant of another house that has tied their fence to the new fence which is now starting to lean as a result.


Resolved – It is recognised that the Parish Council may need to make good the fence after the resident has undertaken the work they have outlined.  A budget will now be set aside to replace that section of fencing that was not originally replaced, however the resident may have to make good any areas of the new fencing that may be damaged.


A letter is to be sent to the second resident giving them instructions to detach their fence from Parish Council property by a reasonable date.  If this is not complied with the Parish Council will take action themselves to detach it. 





East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants the support of local residents before they will fill the ruts in the verges with road planing.


Resolved – A letter is to be sent to all Grange Crescent residents asking them to respond by a due date if they are against this proposal.





The owners of the wind farm have asked for two councillors to be appointed as members of the administrative body.


Councillor N Walker proposed that Councillors Oliver and Wells should be appointed.  This was seconded by Councillor Harbidge 


Resolved – The proposal was approved





Feedback was provided from a recent Neighbourhood Planning Training Day that was attended by Councillors Wells and Oliver and the clerk.


Resolved – There is a commitment to produce a neighbourhood plan for the Parish at some future date.  The parish appraisal can include some relevant questions to test resident’s views.



There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.25 pm. The next ordinary meeting was scheduled for 20 May 2013.