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15 July 2013

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 15 July 2013

Present:                 Councillor Morris (in the Chair)

                               Councillors Caley, Harbidge, Oliver, A Walker, N Walker, Webster, Wells


Apologies:             Councillors Hardy, Sinkler


In Attendance:       Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)

                               Ward Councillor Pollard for agenda item 6 only (minute 43 refers)


Public:                   There was one member of the public present for agenda items 5 and 7 to 12                      (minute 42 and 44 to 49 refers)






Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 5c and 9a (minutes 42c and 46a refer) as Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee; Councillor Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 5c and 9a (minutes 42c and 46a refer) as a member of the Village Hall Management Committee.




No items were raised.



41            MINUTES


An amendment to minute 34 was proposed to add that Councillor T Walker was thanked for his research and his work regarding the commemoration to the airmen.

Resolved –Subject to this amendment the minutes of 17 June 2013 are signed as a true and correct record.


42            MATTERS  ARISING


Site Visit from Patrick Wharam re Parking on Green Lane

A response had been received from Andrew Chudley, Countryside Access Officer but this seemed to miss the point completely.


Tickton Playing Field West Fence

A letter had been delivered to all homes that backed onto the field not just those on the west side stating the parish council position in regard to both the fence and gates opening onto the recreation ground.  Work would take place to replace the fence where residents had made openings onto the field.  Some residents had expressed their concern about the letter as the west fence had been in position for approximately 20 years.


Salt Bin

A phone call had been received from Rob Shanks.  He does not think the identified site is ideal for a number of reasons – they are worried about the impact on the protected hedge, the site slopes backwards and over time the bin will compromise the fence; the site is in the eye line of those leaving St Paul’s and would normally lead to complaints.  As an alternative he suggested moving it to the left between the bench and the exit or to the right nearer the telephone.  If Parish Council wished to move it to the preferred site then he would require evidence to show that the move had the support of those who live on the corner of St Paul’s Drive.  The clerk would send this response to the Village Hall Management Committee.


Litter Bin

No response had yet been received regarding the purchase of an additional litter bin for Hull Bridge Road.



Items raised were the potential re-use of the recycling site at Weel, a request for information on when the planing of the verges on Grange Crescent would happen, and an update on progress regarding the provision of a bus shelter.



No report had been received from the police.  The report from neighbourhood watch was noted. Information was requested about the process of eviction if anyone were to take up residence on common land.

45         PLANNING


Planning Decisions

Ref 13/00585/PLF – Erection of dwelling at Land East of 7 Main Street Tickton for Mr G Smith

This application is granted permission


Application for Cert of Lawful Development.

Ref 13/01877/CLE – Existing Certificate of Lawfulness for continued use of buildings for B2 purposes at New Ferry Farm Weel Road – Applicant: Mr & Mrs D Setterington

Resolved – The Parish Council is unable to provide any information to the contrary but they are unhappy at how East Riding of Yorkshire Council Planning Department has historically dealt with this case as they feel that they have failed to implement a statutory duty.


46            FINANCE



Tickton Village Hall

Resolved – To pay £9.60 room hire

Mr Little

Resolved – To pay £28.80 salary


Mr Brice

Resolved – To pay £156.80 salary and £16.56 maintenance re-imbursement


Wicksteed Leisure Ltd

Resolved – To pay £420.28 for replacement parts


West Building Supplies

Resolved – To pay £9.26 balance of payment for Play Bark


Stumps Away

Resolved – To pay £120.00 for removal of tree stumps


Payments made under Financial Regulations 6(d) and 7(b)


West Building Supplies

Resolved – Payment of £262.32 for play bark is noted



An event is planned for the anniversary of the plane crash on Saturday 24 August 2013 at 16.30.  This would include a small service led by Reverend Coates and the unveiling of the commemorative plaque.   Councillors would be kept informed about progress in the planning of this event by e-mail

Resolved – Support is given in principle to the event and a budget of up to £250 is agreed to be funded from the current unallocated fund with delegated power to the clerk to procure items for this event due to the short timescale.



The content of the memorandum of agreement with AFC Tickton for the 2013/14 season and the supporting Schedule 1 was discussed.  The proposed changes made to the previous agreement were minimal as it was agreed the current arrangement was working well.

Resolved – The contents of the Memorandum and Schedule 1 are agreed and recommended for signing by the Trustees of the Recreation Ground Foundation will meet to countersign the agreement.




The Conservation Volunteers Group was willing to undertake organising and supervising a tree planting event for volunteers, supplying approximately 200 trees, tubes, stakes, and equipment for the event at a cost of £250 plus VAT.  A proposal was discussed regarding various sites in Weel.

Resolved – Contact will be made with the Conservation Volunteers Group to discuss the feasibility of this proposal and to discuss the process to be followed if the scheme is viable.





An update from the third meeting of the administrative group was given.  The fund has been renamed the Routh Wind Farm Community Fund.  Councillor Wells has been elected Chairman.  The Code of Conduct and the Constitution have now been agreed.



Cllr Morris proposed the following motion:


That the PC raises its concerns over the recurring blocked sewerage pipes in Tickton with Yorkshire Water.


Resolved – The motion is approved


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm. The next ordinary meeting was scheduled for 16 September 2013 unless an August meeting becomes necessary.