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15 June 2015

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 15 June 2015



Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley; Lenton; Morris; Oliver; A Walker; N Walker; Webster; Wells



In Attendance:       

Mrs H Turner and Mrs S Haysom (Tickton Pre-School and Play Pals) for agenda item 14 (minute 34 refers)                                   


One members of the public attended



A member of the public raised the issue of the horses tethered at Weel and the asked whether East Riding of Yorkshire Council had any plans to use the recycling site at Weel in the future as a traveller’s camp.



Resolved:  The minutes of the meeting of 18 May 2015 are signed as a true and correct record.



Councillor Oliver declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 9 (minute 29 refers) as an employee of the Village Hall and in agenda item 10 (minute 30 refers) as a member of Routh Wind Farm Decision Making Panel. Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9 (minute 29 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee. Councillor Wells declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 10 (minute 30 refers) as Chairman of Routh Wind Farm Decision Making Panel.  Councillor Lenton declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 8(minute 28 refers) as the applicant for two planning decisions



 Planning Enforcement Issues

Currently there are two on-going enforcement issues that the Parish Council have referred to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  The first is the re-instated field gate at the strip of land near the Nags Head where notice has been given that it must be removed within 14 days; the second is the additional outbuildings on Corporation Farm which have been referred back to the planning officer for a decision about whether a retrospective application is required.

Co- option Process

An article appeared in the Tickton Diary and notices have been placed on Noticeboards but up to the time of the meeting to date no interest had been expressed.

Annual Parish Meeting 2015

17 residents attended the Annual Parish Meeting and presentations were given by Tickton WI; All Saints Church, Routh; the Church in Tickton; Tickton Primary School, Fitta-U; Youth Kaf; the Village Hall and Tickton Little Theatre.  A discussion also took place regarding the need for a defibrillator.  Some residents would be taking this item forward.  Concern was expressed at the low turnout at the meeting.



In absence of a ward councillor the following matters had already been raised with the ward councillors:

St Pauls Amenity Area

The land registry confirmed East Riding of Yorkshire Council were the owners of this land.  Public protection were looking at the issue regarding the spikes and planning on the encroachment issue.

Future re-use of Weel Recycling Area

Concerns had been raised in the public session and from residents of Weel regarding the future intended use for this site when the recycling plant had moved and the condition of the horses tethered nearby.  A response had already been received from Councillor Pollard that categorically denied the site was to be re-used as a traveller camp but the issue regarding the tethered horses would be investigated,

Surface Dressing 2015

The quality of the resurfacing of Green Lane was raised.



The report of Neighbourhood Watch was noted.  No police report had been received.  The clerk reported that she would write to the Chief Constable to learn the name of the team assigned to work in the Tickton and Routh Parish Neighbourhood Policing Team.




Planning Decisions

TPO – TICKTON GRANGE – 1983 (REF.99) – Works to protected trees close to the roadside and front boundary wall improve aesthetics at Tickton Grange Hotel Main Street Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9SH for Mr Sam Whymant

Approval is given

 14/04018/PLF – Retention of existing general outbuilding (building one) and relocation of existing outbuilding (building two) at Cottage Farm Main Routh HU17 9SL for Mr Richard Lenton

Approval is given

 14/04019/PLF – Erection of replacement dwelling, following demolition of existing dwelling and relocation of existing detached outbuilding at Cottage Farm Main Road Routh HU17 9SL for Mr Richard Lenton

Approval is given

 15/00893 – Erection of single storey extension to front and alterations to part of 1m boundary wall to raise height to 2.28m at Park Farm Main Road Routh HU17 9SL for Mr and Mrs IB and A Grayson

Approval is given 

Planning Applications

15/01155/PLF – Retention of single storey extension to rear and bay window to the front at 40 Green Lane Tickton HU17 9RH for Mrs S Houston

Resolved: An objection is made to this development as the materials indicated in the plan are not in keeping with the existing house or the other houses in the area, specifically the rendering and the grey roof tiles.  A question is asked as to whether the new bay window at the front actually extends the building line. 

 If this application is approved a condition should be imposed that adequate attenuation plans should be in place and that all planned hard surfacing should be of propriety porous or permeable type in order to mitigate the surface water run-off as flooding and flood risk is a major environmental concern of this Parish Council and this scheme due to the increased dimensions of the new build, would increase surface water run-off.  Additionally a condition should be imposed that the hawthorn hedge should be re-instated.




Financial Commentary

A payment of £4,073.86 had been received for the reclaimed VAT


(Cllr Oliver left the table for this item)

Tickton Village Hall

Resolved: To pay £29.50 room hire

(Cllr Oliver returned to the table)

Mr Brice  

Resolved: To pay £147.68 salary and £83.98 re-imbursement

Mrs Lloyd

Resolved: To pay £987.25 salary and £201.81re-imbursement (after taking account of incorrect payments in March 2015)


Resolved: To pay £312.60 PAYE


Resolved: To pay £103.00 Membership Fee 

Annual Return and Supporting Documentation

The auditor’s report and the annual governance report were examined.  The auditor’s report showed that no issues with the 2014/5 Accounts and Annual Report had been identified. Resolved: The content of the internal audit report and the governance report is noted.  The accounting statements and the annual governance report is approved, and can be signed by the Chairman.



An application was submitted to the Wind Farm Fund for a grant of £15,000 to contribute to the £25, 385 cost of renewing the tennis courts.  Notification had been received that they agreed to ring fence £5,500 – which would leave the PC with a shortfall of £9,500 to find.  Searching on-line it may be possible to attract other small grants of £1,000 or £2,000 but this may still leave a shortfall.  A discussion took place as to other strategies for the tennis courts.

Resolved: Councillors Sinkler, N Walker, Webster and Wells will form a working committee to examine the alternative options of adding a third court; changing the tennis courts into a multi-sport games area; funding the basic renewal (as per the application to the Wind Farm Fund) or the removal of the courts.  The group is to report back to the Parish Council in September.  The clerk is to work with the group to develop terms of reference



Feedback was given from the last meeting of the flood liaison group.



The strategy was discussed.  Although consultation had ended in May ERYC had extended the deadline to enable the parish Council to respond

Resolved:  The key element of the River Hull strategy is that sufficient funding is made available to ensure the effective dredging of the River Hull.  The Parish Council is not convinced that the water injection proposal will be successful and would prefer a return to regular traditional dredging as per the previous response.  The removal of wrecks and abandoned vehicles is supported but this needs to be completed as quickly as possible. 



Resolved:  The content of the survey is approved.



Two representatives of the pre-school attended the meeting to ask the Parish Council to make available an area of Tickton Play Area for the Pre-School and Play Pals to use as an allotment.  They identified their preferred area which measured four metres by ten metres, and plans for how they would use it, which included fencing off the area.  Any alternative plots on the field would be considered but the GL Cullington Field was not deemed suitable.

Resolved:  This request would be considered at a future meeting of the trustees of the recreation ground charity.  The clerk is to check on the terms of the deeds and the charity to clarify legal uses.

 There being no further business the meeting closed 9.45pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council was scheduled for 13 July 2015.


These minutes should be considered draft until approved by a subsequent meeting of the Parish Council