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15 September

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 15 September 2014



Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Lenton, Morris, Oliver, A Walker, Wells, Webster

Councillor Caley from agenda item 5 (minute 57 refers)



Councillors Dobson, Hardy, N Walker





In Attendance:       

Ward Councillor Pollard – for agenda item 6 (minute 58 refers)

Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)


Public:                       There were six members of the public present.


The agenda was taken out of order by taking agenda item 14 first to ensure that the meeting complied with current law


Standing Orders needed to be amended to reflect a change in the law which now required parish councils to allow the recording of meetings.  A draft policy was also discussed

Resolved – The policy and amendments to standing orders are approved.  A copy of the amended Standing Orders (v4.1) will be sent to each Councillor.  Parish Council Meetings will now begin with the Public Forum before the meeting proper begins. Notices will be displayed.



 A brief presentation of the Lifestyle project at agenda item 10 (minute 62) was given by five members of the public.  A representative of AFC Tickton introduced himself to the Councillors present.



 Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9b (minute 61b refers) as a member of the Village Hall Management Committee; Councillor Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9b (minute 61b refers) as a member of the Village Hall Management Committee and a pecuniary interest in agenda item 10 (minute 62 refers) as relative of members of Junior Groundforce. Councillor Lenton, declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9d (minute 61 refers) as treasurer of All Saints Church, Councillors Sinkler, Caley and Wells declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9d (minute 61 refers) as members of All Saints Church.



 Resolved – The minutes of 18 August 2014 are signed as a true and correct record.



 The clerk updated on the following

 Weel Waste Recycling Plant

Councillor Pollard reported back that plans to relocate Weel Waste Recycling Plant will be clearer in the spring of next year.

 Red/Green Cottages

As previously reported an outline application for residential development of the site following demolition of the existing bungalows was received and was withdrawn on 4 December 2013.  There has been no follow up action to date.

 Litter Bin at Routh

The site has been approved and litter bin will be installed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

East Riding of Yorkshire Rural Strategy

The strategy has been refreshed.

 Extension of Cycle Path at Routh

East Riding of Yorkshire Council reported back that they felt there was no need to extend the path as an independent road safety audit had been carried out with no adverse safety comments regarding this particular location.  It was felt that the additional lining would confuse road users rather than clarify the situation.

 External Audit Certificate 2014

A clean external audit certificate has now been received with no additional comments.  The full set of statements will now be displayed on the Tickton noticeboard.

 Insurance for Playground Equipment

Following installation of the replacement equipment the asset values have increased.  An additional insurance premium of £13 will result as from next year but at no cost in this year.



 Items discussed with Councillor Pollard included the road surface on the A1035, a request for bollards on the cycle way at Routh and signage to show the cycle path route at the egress of Hull Bridge Road onto the A1035.



Recent reports from the police and neighbourhood watch were discussed



 Planning Decisions

Ref 14/01950 – Retention of detached garage at 10 Butt Lane Tickton HU17 9SF for Mr BD Goforth

Permission is granted


Planning Application

Ref 14/02180 – Erection of a dwelling at Alma Cottage Main Street Tickton East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9SH for Mr and Mrs Janney

Resolved – As for previous application ref 13/3302 an objection is raised for the following reasons


This site is outside the development limit for Tickton and therefore falls in Open Countryside. The application is considered to conflict with policy E3 of the Beverley Borough Local Plan, S4 of the East Riding Local Plan, and the guidance set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, which seek to restrict housing development in the countryside. Planning applications for Open Countryside must be subject to greater scrutiny, and must also have a higher level of justification for approval otherwise a precedent is set for all other applications that follow.  There is nothing compelling in this application.  It is for a four bedroom property of which there are numerous within the development limits of the village and several for sale. 

 In the new emerging East Riding Local Plan Tickton does not have a specific allocation for additional housing development and no allocated development sites due to the level of flood risk. This property is within the Flood Risk Level 3 zone as defined by the Environment Agency. The application does not adequately demonstrate that there are sufficient wider sustainability benefits which outweigh the flood risk. The site has close proximity to Holderness Drain and the risk assessment exception test has not taken into account the effect on this watercourse when the pumping station is no longer in operation which is due to occur in the ‘lifetime’ of this development.  This scheme is also detrimental to another problem Tickton suffers regarding the drainage system which is already inadequate for the existing settlement.  Pluvial flooding is a reality in Tickton.  This application will only overload the system even more as it defines its disposal system as soak away only. Geologically due to the high level of the water table in this area the land is unable to soak away rapidly.  Further development of this site takes land currently used as soak away out of the equation and so increases the possibility of flooding for those nearby.  The nearby Tickton Carr Drain that this soak away water may flow into flows back into the village and is blocked in several locations causing flooding elsewhere when rain falls. The application actually fails both the sequential and exception flood risk assessment.

 Another issue for this application is the access and egress situation and the increased risk of an accident if traffic flow is increased.  There is no application to change the entrance to the site. The site is entered and exited by means of a single track straight onto the busy A1035 (and across the route of the cycle path) with a 50mph speed limit (and not via Main Street as per application).  On exiting, the view is compromised by the conifer trees of the neighbouring property.   A four bedroom house will increase the levels of traffic and thus increase the level of risk.

Clearly the problem of fluvial and pluvial flooding and the exit/egress problem are in themselves good enough reasons to turn down this application but given that it is outside the development limit as well then refusal is clearly the only possible outcome of this application. 

 The Parish Council feel strongly about this application and request that, if the planning officer is recommending a different decision, it should be referred to the appropriate Committee/Sub-Committee

 If this application is approved by the appropriate Committee/sub-Committee the vehicular access will need to be improved and adequate space provided on the site for vehicles (including emergency vehicles) to turn so they can enter and leave in forward gear.  The access must be improved to conform to current regulations including Fire Authority regulations. Furthermore better attenuation systems must be in place to mitigate surface water run-off as flooding and flood risk is a major environmental concern of the Parish Council and ERYC (see rural strategy) as this land does not soak away due to the high level of the water table and blockages to many of the surrounding dykes.  All planned exterior hard surfacing must be of proprietary porous or permeable type to reduce surface water runoff and a resulting contribution to flooding in the area

A comment is also made that the brownfield site mentioned in the application to justify this development was one that replaced existing buildings which will probably  generate less run off than the previous buildings that occupied that site.  This is a new building.  There is no comparison.  That site also has had conditions imposed on it to better attenuate the water flow from the site



 Financial Commentary

Virements approved at the July meeting have now been reflected in the budget.  The first part of the grant from Routh Windfarm Community Fund has been received (the final part has now been applied for) as has the rent from the allotments.Approval was sought for clerk training at a cost of £15 and for inspection of playground equipment by the Playground Inspection Company at a cost of £195 plus VAT.

Resolved – The financial situation is noted.  Approval is given for the clerk to attend a training day and to raise an order for Play Inspections Company to undertake the annual playground inspection.



Tickton Village Hall

Resolved – To pay £10.00 room hire.


Mr I Brice

Resolved – To pay £386.01 salary and 97.80 re-imbursement for general maintenance items


Mrs Lloyd

Resolved – To pay £992.00 salary and 163.12 re-imbursement for office expenses



Resolved – To pay £329.00 PAYE



Resolved – To pay £64.28 for Asset Maintenance Items


PFK Littlejohn

Resolved – To pay £240.00 Audit Fee


Payments made under Financial Regulations 6(d) and 7(b): 

Play and Leisure Ltd

Resolved – £17,334.00 payment for Playground Equipment noted



Resolved – £83.33 payment for Asset Maintenance items noted


Mr Brice –

Resolved – £9.98 re-imbursement for Planter and Asset Maintenance items noted


Community Fund Application

An application from All Saints Church Routh for funding of £1,760 to part fund remedial work on the porch was discussed as was the legal framework enabling this payment to be made.

Resolved – A payment of £1,760 is approved under LGA 1972 s137 on the basis that this is a unique Grade II* listed building which directly benefits the area.



 Four pupils from Tickton Primary School (Junior Groundforce) have planning to undertake a  Lifestyle project to enhance an area of Tickton by undertaking a woodland project and raising money to provide a picnic table for a grassed area on Carr Lane.   They have already obtained permission from East Riding regarding the grassed area and are awaiting a response from the owner regarding their woodland project.  Junior Groundforce would also support their project and commit to cutting the grassed area more frequently to ensure it is kept to a reasonable standard, and to take on responsibility for the picnic tables on completion of the project

Resolved – On completion of the project the Parish Council will assume ownership of the assets purchased and will include grass cutting of the area into its contract for future years.  Junior Groundforce are thanked for their project and asked to return to a future meeting to update the Parish Council on progress.



The memorandum had been signed by the representatives of AFC Tickton.

Resolved – The memorandum is countersigned by the Chairman



This item was deferred



Councillors considered the option of completing a community emergency plan or a partial community emergency plan based on the questionnaire sent out by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  A plan may be required in order to access future payments from the Local Grant Fund

Resolved – At present there are no plans to complete either document but a representative from the Emergency Planning Team at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council would be asked to present at the next Annual Parish Meeting.



Councillor Oliver proposed that the Parish Council considers replacing the noticeboard on Hull Bridge Road.                         

Resolved – The motion is approved in principle with details of the site and the type of noticeboard to be dealt with in a subsequent meeting


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25 pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council was scheduled for 20 October 2014.