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16 November 2015

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 16 November 2015



Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley; Greenwood; Oliver; Lenton; Morris; A Walker; Webster; Wells


Councillors N Walker; F Wells;





In Attendance:          

Mr A BraveyEmergency Planning Manager Humber Emergency Planning Service for agenda item 10 (minute 77 refers)

Mrs J Agius; Mrs A Leathley – Tickton Defibrillator Campaign for agenda item11 (minute 78 refers)

Ward Councillor Pollard for agenda item 6 (minute 73 refers)


Minute Taker:            

Mrs C Lloyd



There were no members of the public present


No members of the public were in attendance


Councillor Oliver declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 9b (minute 76b refers) as an employee of the Village.  Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 9b (minute 76b refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee. Councillor Greenwood declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 11 (minute 78 refers) as a member of Tickton Defibrillator Campaign Group

71.   MINUTES 

Resolved:  The minutes of the meeting of 19 October 2015 are signed as a true and correct record.


Planning Enforcement Issues

There have been two issues during the month and one pending.  The first regarding Corporation Farm has now resulted in a planning application.  The second regarding 87 Main Street is awaiting a response from East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  A potential issue regarding a static caravan was highlighted but appeared not to require planning permission

Watercourse Servicing St Pauls Estate

Following a resident report regarding the present overgrown state of the dyke behind Red and Green Cottages, which provides drainage for St Paul’s Estate East Riding Council were contacted. They stated that this dyke was not their responsibility (contrary to resident’s belief). The Internal Drainage Board were then contacted and they are now trying to contact the owner of Red and Green Cottages who they believe is the riparian owner and therefore responsible for the area around the dyke which needs to be cut back before further investigation work can be carried out to ensure the channel is clear.

Windfarm Funding

Following the last meeting a letter was sent to Rural Funding to ask whether they would be willing to carry the £5,500 funding forward into the next financial year.  Contrary to what was said at the last meeting the letter giving information about a ringfenced amount of £5,500 being available quite clearly states that this will be ‘held in reserve and not spent on any other projects in this financial year’.  No response has been received to date but no meeting of the panel has occurred in this timeframe either.

Recreation Trust

ERNLLCA have been contacted to review the appropriateness of the governance arrangements for the Trust and the Parish Council owned land on the same site. 

Unauthorised Caravan on Weel Road

The caravan has returned and the return has been reported to the Environment Agency with a query regarding what actions they are now considering

Current Public Consultations

Present consultations open to the public are

Invitations to Participate

During the past month invitations have been received for Parish Council representatives to participate in the following

Cessation of Paper Plans

There have been two developments in response to East Ridings announcement that plans will only be available electronically from July 2016.  Firstly, The Village Hall Management Committee have suggested working jointly with Parish Council to develop electronic facilities in the small hall, and secondly, East Riding have obtained grant funding to purchase some projectors for Parish Councils.


Items raised with the ward councillor were potential action to be taken in the event of unauthorised occupation of common land in the parish and amendments to the vegetation clearance programme for the public rights of way to include footpath no 3 and part of footpath no 5 and changing these from mid cuts to early cuts.  It was also suggested that footpath no 6 is cut as part of streetscene programme when cutting grass verges


Feedback from Neighbourhood Watch highlighted recent crimes in the area.  It was also reported that there had been a restructuring proposal from the East Riding Community Resilience Officer that the whole of the parish is combined into one neighbourhood watch area. No police report had been received


Planning Inspectorate Appeal

14/04060 – Erection of first floor extension to side at 31 Scotts Garth Close Tickton for Mr and Mrs Ashenden

Appeal is dismissed

 Planning Decisions

15/02779 – Removal of Condition 6 (service road) of planning permission 11/03795to allow dwellings to be occupied without providing service road at Workshop 2 Butt Lane Tickton HU17 9SF for Dixon Brothers Ltd

Approval is given

The Planning Department have apologised due to the fact that due to an administrative error the PC was not consulted on this application

15/02762/TPO – TPO100, TICKTON 1994 A1: Cherry; Remove stem growing over neighbouring property and crown thin by 20%, Whitebeam; crown thin  by 20-25%, Cherry; remove due to overcrowding, Birch; crown thin by 10%, Pine, thin by 10-15% at Larches Chestnut Mews Tickton East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9TD for Mr Mark Ledingham – Works to Protected Trees

Approval is given

Planning Applications 

15/02299 – Retention of Large garden Shed at Corporation Farm Cottage Weel Road Tickton HU17 9RY for Mr Edward Cook

Resolved:  If this application is approved a condition is applied to ensure that this large shed remains  for ancillary domestic purposes only


Financial Commentary

The financial report to the end of October was presented. A forecast of this year’s outturn expenditure will be available next month to enable precept planning for 2016/7 to be undertaken Councillors should bring details of any proposals for future funding to the next meeting for inclusion in the precept.

Resolved: The financial position is noted.  Approval is given to order the replacement nursery swings which will be funded from the playground equipment replacement fund. Approval is given for the clerks to attend the SLCC training day.


Tickton Village Hall

Resolved: To pay £10.00 room hire

Mr Brice

Resolved: To pay £101.40 salary and £86.49 re-imbursement


Resolved:  To pay £108.00 training fee  

Community Fund Application

An application had been received from the British Red Cross in Yorkshire to contribute £500 to their scheme to replace the existing Fire and Emergency Support Vehicle

Resolved: The application is not approved as it does not sufficiently meet the fund conditions.


Alan Bravey, Emergency Planning Manager from Humber Emergency Planning Service attended the meeting to provide information and answer questions on the need for a community emergency plan.  All town and parish councils are encouraged to write a community emergency plan.

Resolved: A community plan is to be developed and approved at the next meeting.


An initial meeting had taken place to discuss community defibrillators which was attended by 6 people and as a result the Tickton Defibrillator Campaign was launched.  Members of the Group attended the Parish Council meeting to outline their plans to obtain grants and raise funds by organising a raffle and organising a pie and pea supper to purchase four defibrillators to cover the Parish.  Three possible sites had already been identified but a fourth site in Weel was still to be identified.  Cllr Greenwood was a member of the campaign group.  The campaign was still in its early days and had so far concentrated on how to raise the funds but they would also be addressing the governance issues raised by the clerk.

Resolved: The Parish Council congratulate the group on their achievements to date and will offer   support where possible as the campaign evolves


The memorandum of agreement and schedule for 2015 was considered.  No comments on the contents had been received from AFC Tickton.

Resolved: As per its delegated authority the Parish Council approved the documents


A transport event had taken place which outlined a parish toolkit which aims to map transport needs.  A questionnaire was available to identify the transport needs of the Parish.

Resolved:  A copy of the questionnaire is to be requested and sent to Councillors


‘That the PC considers funding  the 2  wild flower banks at Weel and Routh previously approved but not now to be funded by ERYC’                                                                                                                         Cllr Oliver

Resolved:  The motion is approved

‘That PC considers funding a  further wild flower bank  in front of the GL Cullington Field electricity substation and another one along the west side of Main Street between Weel Road and the A1035’                                                                                                                                                               Cllr Oliver

Resolved:  The motion is approved

That the PC considers funding seeding the area around the War Memorial underneath the hedging with wild red poppies’                                                                                                                                Cllr Oliver

Resolved:  The motion is approved

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40 pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 14 December 2015 at 7.30pm