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17 August 2016

Minutes of the Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 17 August 2016

Present:                     Councillor Morris (in the Chair)

                                    Councillors: Greenwood; Lenton; T Walker; Oliver, N Walker

Apologies                  Councillors Wells, Sinkler, Caley, Webster, Prescott

 Absent:                      No-one


Public:                        One member of the public in attendance for Part I

Minute Taker             Councillor Oliver

Part I


There were no items raised in the public forum.

Councillor Morris thanked all councillors who had contributed to keeping the Parish Council running

smoothly since the resignation of Mrs Lloyd.

 Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 5 (minute 59 refers) as a relative of the applicant for planning application 16/02384.

Resolved:  The minutes of the meeting of 28 June 2016 and 18 July 2016 are approved as a true and correct record

 Planning decisions

There were no planning decisions received from ERYC, however it was noted that the application to replace No’s 1 & 2 Weel Road had been refused.

Planning applications

16/02451 – Erection of single storey extension to side and creation of access | Santana 3 Butt Lane Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9SFfor Mr & Mrs McGuiness – Full Planning Permission.  This item was deferred to the September meeting.

16//02384 – Erection of detached garage and carport | 1 Park Farm Cottages Main Road Routh East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9SN for Mr T Dixon – Full Planning Permission

Resolved that there were no objections but conditions should be included if approved for suitable water attenuation, that the additional buildings only be used for domestic purposes ancillary to the residential use of 1 Park Farm Cottages, and that only those buildings consented shall be erected in order to preserve the visual amenity of the area.

 16/02142 – Erection of conservatory to side Cirrus Carr Lane Weel East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 0SQ for Mr & Mrs Campbell – Full Planning Permission.

Resolved that there be ‘no comment’.

 16/02309 – Erection of two storey and single storey extensions with balcony to rear and garage to side 7 Main Street Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9SH for Mr J Cook – Full Planning Permission

Resolved that there were no objections but if planning permission is granted, a condition should be applied as per the Conservation Officer’s comments in relation to matching brickwork with existing and alteration to style of garage door.  This condition should ensure that the visual amenity of the Conservation Area is not detrimentally affected.

Councillor T Walker presented information on various options on laptops suitable for the Clerk.  It was noted that the laptop should be added to our insurance as soon as it is purchased.  Councillor Sinkler has offered to facilitate the purchase by the use of his credit card.

Resolved – Councillor Lenton proposed that Councillor T Walker be authorised to arrange the purchase a mid-range laptop, external hard drive, printer and appropriate software up to a maximum of £1200 including VAT.  The motion was seconded by Councillor Greenwood and carried unanimously.

Consideration was given to appointing ERVAS to deal with all employees’ salary payments, HMRC and the potential for pension provision.

Resolved that ERVAS be employed to deal with payroll, Councillor N Walker was authorised to make the necessary arrangements.


Outcome of interviews for Parish Clerk discussed.

Resolved to accept the interviewing panel’s recommendation to employ Michelle Middleton as Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer with effect from 18 August 2016.  This motion was proposed by Councillor T Walker and seconded by Councillor Greenwood and carried unanimously.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.35pm.  The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 19 September 2016 at 7.30pm