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18 April 2011



Minutes of a Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 18 April 2011

Present:                      Councillor Norton (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley, Dobson, Higbee, Larvin, Morris, Oliver, Palmer, Sinkler, A Walker,                              N Walker


In Attendance:            Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)




Councillor Sinkler declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 7a (minute 5 refers) as the applicant for planning permission. Councillor Oliver declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 8b and 8g (minute 6 refers) as a member of the Village Hall Committee.  Councillor Morris declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 8b and 8g (minute 6 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee. Cllr Caley declared a prejudicial interest in item 8g (minute 6 refers) as a member of All Saints Church, Routh




There was one member of the public present.




No amendments were required

Resolved – The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 21 March 2011 are signed as a true and correct record.


Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on 23 May 2011 commencing at 7pm. NHS East Riding of Yorkshire has confirmed attendance at the meeting to present on the new Community Hospital.



The new streetscene service is now in operation.  Councillors lists of faults requiring attention will now be submitted to ERYC.


One resident has asked for his appreciation regarding the tidying up of Weel Road to be formally minuted by the Parish Council.  This will also be passed on to ERYC.


East Fence – Tickton Playfield

It has come to the attention of the PC that there is no formal agreement on the ownership of this fence.  Discussions will still take place with the residents whose gardens are adjacent to this fence regarding its replacement.




Crime Figures

The report on crime figures for March was discussed and noted.


5        PLANNING


ERYC Planning Decisions



Application approved subject to a number of technical conditions




Financial Statement

The financial statement for the year 2010/11 was presented to the Parish Council.  This showed an underspending of £8246 against the precept and income for the year but an underspending of £13938 on planned spending for the year, thus increasing the carry forward reserve more than planned, however approximately £5300 will carry forward to specific schemes that are not yet complete. This residual underspending was due to the handyman budget underspending and the non-handover of expenses for GL Cullington field.






Resolved – To pay £46.40 for salary



Resolved – To pay £12.00 for rent



Resolved – To pay £13.25 for temporary fencing



Resolved – To pay £165.07 for business rates



Resolved – To pay £475.98 for renewal of membership



Annual Return and Supporting Documentation

The clerk presented a report on the accounting statements for the financial year 2010/11 which detailed the expenditure for the year over the headings required by the Audit Commission, an analysis of the variances from last year’s results, the fixed asset value and the detail of the outstanding commitment for the year and the reserves carried forward.


Resolved – The Parish Council approve the accounts and the carry forward.


A revised risk assessment was presented to the Parish Council.


Resolved – The Parish Council approve the revisions to the risk assessment.


The clerk presented a paper on the scope, independence and reporting of the current internal audit service.  The Parish council also examined the annual report from the Internal Auditor on his examination of internal control


Resolved – The Parish Council approve the effectiveness of the current internal audit arrangements and noted from the report of the Internal Auditor that control objectives had been achieved throughout the year


The Parish Council examined the evidence available to enable them to sign the annual governance statement.


Resolved – The Parish Council agree that the evidence supported the signing of the Annual Governance Statement


Community Fund Application

Consideration was again given to an application from Tickton Pre-School and Out of School Club for a disbursement of £299.95 from the Community Fund to purchase a large movement mat, as the cash balance was found to be outside the delegated limit for clerk approval given at the previous meeting.


Resolved – The application is approved


Grounds Maintenance Contract

Consideration was given to awarding the grounds maintenance contract to Staysmart.  This contract was at the same value as the previous contract.  Comparative prices had not been obtained as this was an emergency due to the immediacy of the grasscutting season.


Resolved – The awarding of the contract was approved although it was recommended that market testing should be undertaken before future contracts are awarded.


Clerk Salary 2011/12

The contract of the clerk stipulated that an increment could be awarded as from 1 April 2011 subject to satisfactory performance.


Resolved – Approval is given for the clerk to be awarded an increment as from 1 April 2011.


Budget 2011/12

Consideration was given to the budget for 2011/12 based on the approved precept.


Resolved – The budget as attached at Appendix 1 is approved.




The heritage boards had been successfully cleaned which meant that they did not require replacement.  Therefore it was proposed that the most cost effective solution was to purchase a separate plaque to commemorate the pump and trough.


Resolved – A plaque is to be purchased for the pump with the wording and in the style circulated at the meeting





As this paper had not been circulated by the clerk Cllr Larvin presented the findings of his report which highlighted the potential maintenance priorities for the year.

Resolved – The maintenance priorities for the year are agreed as per the report.  The budget for external maintenance is based on the priorities which cannot be completed by the handymen.  All other priority work outlined in the report is expected to be capable of being completed in-house.




Cllr Norton proposed the following motion:-

That a request should be made to ERNLLCA for support in amending Section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003 to ensure that Parish and Town Councils are recognised by Licensing Authorities as interested parties who can make representations to licensing authorities as a corporate body in their own right.


Resolved – The motion is carried.  Cllr T Walker will present the motion to ERNLCCA


Prior to the closure of the meeting Cllr Sinkler formally thanked those councillors for whom this would be the last meeting for their contributions to Tickton and Routh Parish Council.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05pm.The next meeting, the annual meeting, was scheduled for 16 May 2011.