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18 April 2016

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 18 April 2016


Present:                     Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley; Greenwood; Morris; Oliver; Lenton; A Walker; N Walker; Webster; Wells


Apologies:                 Councillor Prescott


Absent:                      No-one


Minute Taker:                        Mrs C Lloyd


Public:                        There were no members of the public present





No members of the public were in attendance





Councillor Oliver declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 9 (minute 7 refers) as an employee of the Village Hall.  Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9 (minute 7 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee. Councillors Sinkler, Caley and Lenton declared an interest in agenda item 9 (minute 7 refers) as members of All Saints Church Routh.



2       MINUTES


An amendment is made to minute 124 which should say ‘Public Health Act 1936 s260’. 

Resolved:  Subject to this amendment the minutes of the meeting of 21 March 2016 are signed as a true and correct record.





Tickton Defibrillator Campaign

The insurance company have stated that at renewal on the 1st June 2016 the Parish Council policy will automatically provide cover for defibrillators up to £5,000 under the core sections and for an additional sum insured of £3,750 the annual additional premium would amount to £17.67 including insurance premium tax. In reality the additional cost will actually be about £5,360 which means that the annual additional sum should be £30 maximum.  The defibrillator campaign group have also confirmed that they will take responsibility for the weekly testing and will provide documentation for our records.  KCOM have said it is unlikely that the Weel defibrillator can be sited in the phone box. As a result the campaign group are now looking into tapping into the power supply in Weel and putting the box on a post as well as working on a formal approval for a placement at Hull Bridge.


Annual Parish Meeting

Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 25 April at 7pm.  The agenda now needs to be displayed in as many places as possible as this is the only publicity there has been.  Although the invitees were asked to respond if they were attending there have been few responses to date.  The windfarm have declined to attend.


Street Lighting

Ornate street lighting would be available for the Parish Council at a cost of at least £1,000 per light.  It is not clear whether this includes installation.  The article which talked about these lights being available for a small premium only applied to those area where lighting that is pre 1975.  The Tickton Conservation Lights are from 1987 or later and have a 35 year anticipated life.


Current Planning Enforcement Issues

There are two enforcement issues elsewhere on the agenda.  Other than that there is no new enforcement issues pending.


Current Public Consultations


Invitations to Participate




No ward councillor attended the meeting but feedback was available regarding the stables on Carr Lane that had been referred to the ward councillor previously in that the stable owners will now be informed that their parking space should be clear and available for visitors and they will also be written to regarding the mud and litter on the verge.  However Internal Drainage Board found no problem s affecting the drainage.


The clerk will raise some issues with the Ward Councillor after the meeting including potholes on Meaux Lane.



No police report had been received, but Inspector Coulthard would be attending the Annual Parish Meeting.

Community Watch reported that there had been an increase in reported thefts from cars, sheds and property.  There had also been another incident of deer poaching.



6       PLANNING

Planning Decisions

16/00451 – Erection of single story extension to front at 1 Eske Lane Tickton HU17 9SG for Mrs G Burnett

Planning Permission is granted


16/00450 – Retention of carport to side at the Bungalow 87 Main Street Tickton HU17 9RZ for Mr C Hill

Planning Permission is granted


16/00354 – Variation of Condition 4 (15/02990/PLF) Erection of two storey extension, single storey extension, canopy to front entrance and detached garage following demolition of single storey extensions to sides and front (Approved Plans) at Weelgate House Carr Lane Weel HU17 0SQ for Mr & Mrs Burgess

Planning Permission is granted



Planning Application

16/00996 – Certificate of Lawfulness for the continued occupation of the dwelling without complying with condition 2 (agricultural occupancy) of planning permissions 308-14 at Carr Farm Carr Lane Tickton HU17 9SD – Certificate of Lawful Development – Exisiting

Resolved: There is no objection to the continued occupation of the dwelling without complying with the agricultural occupancy by the existing tenants.  However the parish council would object to an application to remove the agricultural occupancy condition.


16/01068 – Erection of store to side and rear of existing dwelling with covered area to front side and rear of existing Dwelling, following demolition of existing garage, existing tiles to roof of dwelling to be replaced with tiles to match roof of new covered area at 3 Carr Lane Tickton HU17 9SD for Mr Jason Barley – Full Planning Permission

 Resolved: The following comment is made on this application:

‘If this application will increase the footprint of the building it is recommended that if the application is approved it should be subject to satisfaction that all planned exterior surfacing is of propriety porous or permeable type and that attenuation plans are in place to mitigate the impact of surface water run off’.

Enforcement Issue – Agricultural Land on Weel Road near Crown and Anchor

In order to use this land for anything other than something that is allowable on agricultural land would mean that an application would need to be made for a change of use.  East Riding have confirmed that no such application has been received. Similarly, bricks have been delivered to the field, but no development application has been received by East Riding for any development.  However, to date there has been no non-agricultural use of the field and no building development.

Resolved.  The site will be monitored and if any development takes place which would appear to require a change of use or a planning application then the clerk will immediately report it to enforcement


7       FINANCE


Financial Commentary

The financial report by budget head was presented, showing an underspend of £25,302 on planned expenditure.   The base budget for 2016/7 as agreed at the last meeting with an alteration for the actual cash carry forward figure and a budget for drainage was presented for approval

Resolved: The financial position by budget heading is noted and the base budget for 2016/7 is approved.



Internal Drainage Board

Resolved: To pay £180 as a contribution for drain clearance



Resolved: To pay £585.24 for renewal of membership


Tickton Village Hall

Resolved: To pay £1000.00 grant for CCTV


All Saints Church Routh

Resolved: To pay £500 grant for maintenance of church grounds


The Church in Tickton

Resolved: To pay £500 grant for maintenance of church grounds



Annual Return and Supporting Documentation

The Annual Return and supporting documentation was presented to the Parish Council prior to audit which detailed the expenditure for the year over the headings required by the Audit Commission, an analysis of the variances from last year’s results, the fixed asset value and details of the carry forward.

Resolved: The Parish Council approve the Accounts and the carry forward subject to audit


Risk Assessment

A revised risk assessment was presented to the Parish Council.  This formed part of the review of the effectiveness of internal control. A discussion took place about how Councillors could obtain assurance about the control measures being adequate and operating effectively and the level of residual risk.  One alteration was made to the risk assessment

Resolved: The Parish Council approved the Risk Assessment subject to assurance from the Internal Auditor


Effectiveness of Internal Audit

A paper was presented on effectiveness of internal audit that detailed the scope independence and reporting of the current internal audit service.  Together with the risk assessment review this formed the review of internal control.

Resolved: The Parish Council approve the current system of internal control including the internal audit arrangements but requested that the internal auditor specifically reported back on the appropriateness of the risk assessment.



The taskforce walkabout has been arranged for 9 June 2016 setting off form Tickton Post Office at 9.45am. In order for all issues to be identified councillors were asked to do an individual walkabout and list any concerns.

Resolved:  A list would be circulated to councillors of areas to inspect prior to the walkabout so that any issues can be identified in advance.



The draft memorandum of agreement was discussed and some alterations were required regarding the fence and a bond of £250. The parish council’s preferred site as was identified.  A quotation for the fencing had been obtained at a cost of £1800.00 plus VAT, which included a hand opening gate.

Resolved:  An amended memorandum of agreement is to be sent to the pre-school, together with the quotation for the fence and the identified site.  An invitation is made for the Pre School to attend a meeting of the Trustees of the Recreation Ground on 16 May 2016 to discuss the matter further.



Plans have not gone in yet for the Anaerobic Digester at Leven but the group still believe it is imminent as some other recent actions can be seen as preparations for the development.  The group although not meeting regularly will continue monitoring planning developments and will meet if plans are received




‘That the PC replaces the bus shelter on Main Street and Grange Crescent with one matching the shelter outside the Village Hall as the current shelter has fallen into disrepair, is old and worn out and will require on-going repairs over the coming years’

Resolved:  Approved – but the actual timing of the replacement will be determined when all financial developments have been identified at a future meeting.





There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.00 pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 16 May 2016 at 7.30pm