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18 June 2012



Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 18 June, 2012

Present:                 Councillor Morris (in the Chair)

                               Councillors Dobson, Harbidge, Hardy, Oliver, Sinkler, A Walker, Webster, Wells


Apologies:             Councillors Caley, N Walker,


In Attendance:       Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)

Public:                   There were no members of the public present





Councillor Oliver declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 8b, (minute 33b refers) as a member of the Village Hall Committee; Councillor Morris declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 8b, (minute 33b refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee. Councillor T Walker declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 8b, (minute 33b refers) as part owners of Artillery on Tour.  Councillor Sinkler declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 8c, (minute 33c refers) as members of the Routh Parochial Church Council; Councillor Wells declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 8c, (minute 33c refers) as his wife is Churchwarden of All Saints’ Church, Routh.




There were no members of the public present.




Resolved – The minutes of 21 May 2012 are signed as a true and correct record.



Code of Conduct

Based on the resolution at last month’s meeting a letter was sent to Graham Stuart MP regarding the issue of declarations of pecuniary interests of councillors and their spouse or partners having to be placed on the website.  A response has been received stating that he has referred the matter to Grant Shapps the minister with responsibility for this issue and that he would send us a copy of his reply.


Additionally confirmation has been received that the new code of conduct is to be effective from 1 July 2012.


Land Behind the Nag’s Head

The Planning Department had been contacted regarding the occupation of the land behind the Nags Head.  They had again visited the site but did not find any evidence of someone living there.  They were however planning to ask for information from the owner of the field.


Litter Bins

The two litter bins funded by the Bin Buddies are now in place.


Annual Parish Meeting

An update was given on this event.


High Farm Country Park

A variation to the planning approval for the entrance to this site was being considered by the Planning Authorities.  Concern was raised about a mobile advertising hoarding that has been sited on a lay-by ‘blind spot’.




A number of issues were identified regarding the lack of grass cutting in the village which would be taken up with East Riding by the clerk in the absence of a ward councillor.





PC Julie Turrell will continue to complete and distribute her update on crime trends and policing in the Beverley rural area however the Police cannot attend each meeting, as before, but will attend by invitation, if there are any specific things to be discussed.  Inspector Cocker has been appointed to replace Inspector Thirkettle.


32                PLANNING


Planning Applications


Resolved –   The Parish Council recommend that if the application is approved the following condition is imposed:

A further comment is to be made to try and restrict work on this property to hours that will not cause inconvenience to the adjoining neighbour if the application is approved



Resolved –   The Parish Council have no comments to make on this application.





Financial Statement

The financial statement as at 31 May was discussed.



Tickton Village Hall

Resolved – To pay £28.80 room hire


Mr Little

Resolved – To pay £34.60 salary


Mr Brice

Resolved – To pay £69.20 for salary and £151.87 expenses


Mrs Lloyd

Resolved – To pay £ 930.40 salary and £ 281.36 expenses


Mrs Oliver

Resolved – To pay £198.86 re-imbursement of jubilee expenses


A Ellerington

Resolved – To pay £12.93 re-imbursement of jubilee expenses


Running Imp

Resolved – To pay £173.94 for jubilee awards


Chamleigh Rosettes

Resolved – To pay £83.00 for jubilee rosettes



Resolved – To pay £97.00 for membership renewal


New Inn

Resolved – To pay £99.39 for jubilee catering



Resolved – To pay £799.61 for purchase and installation of two litter bins


Artillery on Tour

Resolved – To pay £45.00 expenses


Church in Tickton

Resolved – To pay £250.00 for upkeep of grounds and gardens


Village Hall

Resolved – To pay £1000.00 for maintenance of security cameras


Parish Community Fund

Tickton Pre-School

Further details on their application have been received but the item will have to be deferred until next month as the latest accounts have not yet been received.


All Saints’ Church Routh

All Saints’ Church Routh has sent receipts for the previous disbursement of £350 for floodlighting.  The total spent according to the invoice was £313.52; however, the letter indicates that further expenditure was incurred on sundry items such as cables, clips and trunking which were not included on the invoice.


Resolved – The account is noted and no repayment is required




A report was given on the Jubilee Day events in the Parish and a final account on the finances of events.  A sum of £1,382.23 was available for a memorial of the Jubilee in Tickton Parish.  Thanks were given to Councillor Oliver for all her efforts in the organisation of a very successful day.


Resolved – It is agreed that an amount of £1,400.00 is to be set aside to purchase an item/items to commemorate the jubilee in Tickton Parish.


35        BUS SHELTER


A meeting with ERYC had identified that the area next to the Village Hall exit where the bushes are sparse was the idea site for the new shelter.  The bus stop and sign would remain where it was.  Two types of semi-enclosed shelter where identified as being the most suitable for this site.  Currently ERYC were developing a new agreement so it may take some time before the shelter is installed.  The road lining would also be completed by ERYC.


As a previous resolution had already agreed on the installation of a shelter an additional proposal for a wooden shelter was made and seconded:


Resolved – In a recorded vote the proposal for a wooden shelter is accepted as follows




A quotation had been received to cover the cost of the removal of the trees and the replacement planting around the war memorial.  The occupants of the house behind the memorial had been consulted about this scheme.  A quotation was still outstanding regarding the refurbishment of the monument itself.


Resolved – Further quotations should be sought for comparison purposes.




An update was given on the latest meeting. Progress was being made and it was anticipated that the deadline for completion of the project would be met.


Resolved – The clerk will attend the next meeting to independently review the proposed governance arrangements on the work completed to date.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.50 pm. The next ordinary meeting was scheduled for 16 July 2012.