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18 November 2013

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 18 November 2013



Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley, Oliver, A Walker, N Walker, Wells

Councillor Morris to agenda item 11 (minute 89 refers)



Councillors Hardy, Webster


In Attendance:       

Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)



There were no members of the public present.







Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 9b (minute 87b refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee; Councillor Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda 9b (minute 87b refers) as a member of the Village Hall Management Committee and a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 14 (minute 92 refers) as a member of the Routh Wind Farm Community Fund Panel: Councillor Wells declared an interest in agenda item 14 (minute 92 refers) as the Chairman of Routh Wind Farm Community Fund Panel. 





No members of the public were present.



82       MINUTES


Resolved – The minutes of 21 October 2013 are signed as a true and correct record.





The clerk updated the council on the following items:


Woodmansey Neighbourhood Plan

In response to the request for information on the cost of this neighbourhood plan the clerk from Woodmansey has stated that they have obtained £17,000 grants towards the cost.  As this is an on-going process it is assumed that the hope is that the plan will be delivered within this budget.


Letter of Appreciation from Resident

A letter of appreciation had been received from Mr Froggatt thanking the council for considering a bus shelter for Main Street/St Pauls.  This letter would be used to support the grant application.

Kinetic Planning Application

A resident had drawn attention to the fact that Kinetic had not complied with the conditions contained in the approval of their scheme to install solar panels.  The information had been passed onto planning enforcement at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Report from Dog Warden

Feedback has now been received from dog warden to say that the person identified allowing his dog to roam and foul the children’s play park was no longer in residence but a relative of the person had been spoken to and the warden was happy that there would not be a recurrence.


Lifestyle Petition
Notification had been received from East Riding that the ‘Ticktoneers’ petition relating to the request for a road crossing to be installed outside Tickton Primary School or alternative solutions to the parking congestion on Main Street will be received by the Environment and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny sub-committee at their meeting on 11 December 2013.  The three boys who had organised the petition have been invited to attend.


The ‘Ticktoneers’ had recently received an award for their project.


Bike Racks

Bike racks had been installed outside the shop.  Thanks were given to Mr and Mrs Greenwood of Tickton Stores for supplying the racks.





The ward councillor was not present but a request was made for clarification about what documents make up a valid planning application and how much scrutiny the plans are given before they are distributed to consultees.





The report from the police and neighbourhood watch was noted.



86       PLANNING     


Planning Applications


Ref 13/03372/PLF – Erection of a single storey extension to rear at 244 Hull Bridge Road Tickton HU17 9RT for Mr and Mrs Stan and Mandy Buchan


Resolved – The Parish Council recommend that if the application is approved the following conditions should apply



Ref 13/03587/PLF – Change of use of a holiday lodge to manager’s accommodation at Heron Lakes Main Road Routh HU17 9SL for Heron Lakes (Routh) Ltd


Resolved – No comments are made.


Ref 13/03302/PLF – Erection of a dwelling at Alma Cottage Lorry Park off Main Street Tickton for Mr Jannery


Resolved – The Parish Council recommend that an objection should be raised as follows


This site is outside the development limit for Tickton under both the new emerging East Riding Local Plan and the previous Beverley Borough Plan, and therefore falls in Open Countryside.  Planning applications for Open Countryside must be subject to greater scrutiny, and must also have a higher level of justification for approval otherwise a precedent is set for all other applications that follow.  There is nothing compelling in this application.  It is for a four bedroom property of which there are numerous within the development limits of the village and several for sale.  In the new emerging East Riding Local Plan Tickton does not have a specific allocation for additional housing development due to the level of flood risk.  This property is within the Flood Risk Level 3 zone. The flood risk assessment contained in this application is totally inappropriate – you cannot pass the flood risk test simply by saying that there is nowhere in Tickton for this development to be sited which has a lower probability of flooding – East Riding has acknowledged that development throughout Tickton must be limited by allocating its development targets elsewhere. If the test is only applied to development within Tickton then it isn’t worth the paper it is written on – every application will pass and yet the whole village is under threat.   The site also has close proximity to Tickton Carr Drain and the risk assessment exception test has not taken into account the effect on this watercourse when the pumping station is no longer in operation which is due to occur in the ‘lifetime’ of this development.  This scheme is also detrimental to another problem Tickton suffers regarding the drainage system which is already inadequate for the existing settlement.  Pluvial flooding is a reality in Tickton.  This application will only overload the system even more.  .  Further development of this site (together with application 13/03303) takes land currently used as soak away out of the equation and so increases the possibility of flooding for those nearby – thus the application actually fails both the sequential and exception flood risk assessment. Another issue for this application is the access and egress situation and the increased risk of an accident if traffic flow is increased.  The site is entered and exited by means of a single track straight onto the busy A1035 (and across the route of the planned cycle path).  On exiting the view is compromised by the conifer trees of the neighbouring property.   A four bedroom house will increase the levels of traffic and thus increase the level of risk. The proposed change in the entrance would not mitigate this risk (Approval of application 13/03303 could compound this risk even further). Clearly the problem of fluvial and pluvial flooding and the exit/egress problem are in themselves good enough reasons to turn down this application but given that it is outside the development limit as well then refusal is clearly the only possible outcome of this application.

Additionally a challenge is to be made to the description of this site as a lorry park and to question whether the proposed changes to the entrance are actually on part of this site or part of the neighbouring property


The Parish Council feel strongly about this application and request that, if the planning officer is recommending a different decision, it should be referred to the appropriate Committee/Sub-Committee


If the application is approved the Parish Council feel the following conditions should apply





Ref 13/03303/PLF – Erection of a commercial storage unit following demolition of existing store at Alma Cottage Lorry Park off Main Street Tickton for Mr Jannery


Resolved – The Parish Council recommend that if the application is approved the following conditions should apply




Additionally a challenge is to be made to the description of this site as a lorry park and to question whether the proposed changes to the entrance are actually on part of this site or part of the neighbouring property.  Due to issues of public safety the Parish Council would oppose any use for these commercial buildings that increased the volume of traffic which up until now has been very infrequent.


Planning Decisions


Ref 13/02953/PLF – Erection of two storey extension to side and 2.4m high wall to side and rear at Bridge House Cottage Weel Road Tickton HU17 9RY for Mr John Ford


This application is granted permission.


Ref 13/02492/PLF Erection of replacement dwelling at Inglenook 240 Hull Bridge Road Tickton HU17 9RT for Mr and Mrs Paul Ramsey


This application is granted permission.


Listed Building Status for Cottage Farm, Routh


Mr Lenton the owner of Cottage Farm had attended the last Parish Council to present his future plans for the building.


Resolved – Following the information given at the last meeting there is no benefit to be had in making an application for listed building status for Cottage Farm at this point in time, but this matter should be revisited no later than May 2014.



87       FINANCE


Financial Statement

The financial report to end of November was presented to the Parish Council.



Tickton Village Hall

Resolved – To pay £14.40 room hire.

Mr Brice

Resolved – To pay £57.60 salary.


Mr Brice

No payment were requested.


Ground and Leisure Services Ltd

Resolved – To pay £264 for patch repair to playground surface.


Precept Planning

A letter has been received which gives the timetable for setting the precept.  The final figures for the tax base and council tax support grant would be decided at a meeting on 3 December.


Resolved – Further discussion of the precept will take place at the next meeting to include costings for a replacement noticeboard at Routh.





It has now been confirmed that the Parish council can co-opt to fill the vacancy for Tickton parish councillor.


Resolved – Adverts are to be placed in the local noticeboards for candidates to express an interest to the clerk by Friday 13 December 2013 with candidates being invited to January meeting.


89       SAFETY ON A1035


East Riding were consulting on extending the 50 mph speed limit on A1035 between Routh and the roundabout at White Cross in the interests of safety.


Concerns had also been expressed about the end to the temporary 40 mph speed limit on the bridge over the River Hull and the delay over the highway improvements at the entrance to High Farm at Routh.  Recent feedback from East Riding was that they had now approved the technical and construction details and a Section 62 Agreement for the work to the entrance of High Farm but they still have some outstanding bonding issues to resolve.


Resolved – Support is given to an extension to the 50 mph speed limit along the A1035 to cover section of road between Routh and The White Cross roundabout in the interest of public safety.  A request is also made to make the 40 mph temporary speed limit on the section of the A1035 over the River Hull permanent.  A reminder is to be sent to East Riding Highways Department about the urgent need for High Farm to comply with the conditions of the planning application for phase 2 and to ask them to ensure that the new cycle path will be restored to its current condition after this work is complete.


(Councillor Morris left the meeting at this point)





Potential sites for the extra heritage board were discussed.


Resolved – The board is to be offered to Tickton Grange Hotel and if they do not want to display the board it will be given to All Saints’ Church, Routh.





The scheme proposed by ex-Councillor Harbidge had been reviewed by the responsible officer who believes that all three sites would be ideal but that the types of trees in the proposal could only be supplied at extra cost and that volunteers would be required to do the initial clearance work or else an additional charge would accrue.  No detail of the costs had been given.


Resolved – Unless a new project lead from Weel could be identified by next month this scheme will be off the agenda.





Routh Wind Farm had changed ownership.  The new owner was John Laing Investments Ltd.  The next meeting of the Community Fund panel was scheduled for January when it is believed approval will be given to hold a public event in March to launch the fund.  A webpage was now available for information on the fund.





Parish Councils had been asked to consider the use of community payback to complete streetscene work.  Certain schemes were considered.


Resolved – A request is to be made for the use of community payback to side out the edges of the grass verges in Tickton, to litter pick on Weel Road between Tickton and the Crown and Anchor and to sweep the pavements around the grit bins in Tickton.








There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm. The next ordinary meeting was scheduled for 9 December 2013.