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19 September 2011



Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 19 September 2011

Present:                   Councillor Morris (in the Chair)

                                   Councillors Caley, Dobson, Harbidge, Hardy, Oliver, Sinkler, A Walker, N Walker, Webster, Wells


In Attendance:    Councillor Pollard – (Item 55,56, 59 60 and public forum only)

Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)


Public:                   There were 2 members of the public present




Councillor Oliver declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 9b, (minute 61 refers) as a member of the Village Hall Committee; Councillor Morris declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item and 8a and 9b (minute 60 and 61 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee and as a relative of the applicants for the planning application: Councillor Caley and Wells declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 9b (minute 61 refers) as members of All Saints Church, Routh.




One member of the public explained that he was the applicant for planning permission on a matter recently considered by the Parish Council.  He explained that the architect had not made clear in the application that due to disability he required modification to his property which experts advised were not possible within the existing building and that he had no intention to run a business from the garage it was to house his classic car collection.




No amendments were required to the minutes of 18 July 2011. An addition to the minutes of 8 August 2011 was proposed to record that the Parish Council felt strongly about both applications and resolved that  if the planning officer is recommending that either application should be approved  the Parish Council request that the application is referred to the appropriate committee/sub-committee.


Resolved – Subject to the addition to the minutes of 8 August being added the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of 18 July 2011 and 8 August 2011 are signed as a true and correct record.




Crime Figures

The report on crime figures for July and August were noted including the large number of minor crimes at the Tribfest event.




AFC Tickton


The memorandum of agreement as resolved by the Parish Council at its meeting of 18 July 2011 (minute 48 refers) has now been signed by AFC Tickton.  As the Recreation Ground Foundation is a registered charity the Parish Council as trustees of the Charity will countersign the agreement after this Parish Council Meeting.  Three letters received questioning the Parish Council decision to restrict the use of the Recreation Ground by AFC Tickton have been responded to.


Comments were received from councillors on the improved organisation of the car parking, the previous weekend.


GL Cullington Field


The Parish Council has now taken full responsibility for all the new play equipment from ERYC and the handover documents have been duly signed.  The Trim-track elements have been removed and the holes levelled.


Resolved – Councillor Caley is thanked for arranging the removal of the wooden posts etc., along the Trim-track.




Concerns had been raised by parents of Girls attending Beverley High School at the 50% increase in the cost of bus fares for the new school year.   Issues raised previously regarding road lining on Meaux Road and the enforcement issues at Routh were also discussed.




(Cllr Morris left the meeting at this point, Cllr Sinkler took over as Chairman)


Planning Application



Resolved – Due to the application being identical to that previously objected to, the Parish Council re-iterates its previous decision.  Namely, an objection based on  the fact that the application is not in keeping with the neighbourhood; the flood risk questionnaire is not accurate; the application does not include a statement of surface water management; and the application will lead to increased traffic at Carr Lane/Main Street where there are existing highway concerns


Additionally, the Parish Council are concerned that the previous application although approved had a number of conditions applied, none of which are reflected in this application.


 The Parish Council feel strongly that if this application is approved by the Planning Department it should be referred to the Planning Committee


If this application is approved by the Planning Committee the Parish Council feels that conditions should be applied to include adequate plans for the separate drainage for foul and surface water to prevent overloading of the existing system and that the application should be amended to protect the privacy of neighbouring properties by restricting the height of the buildings/and use of obscure glass.  The Parish Council does not support a condition on street lighting.  There is no street lighting in this area and its introduction is not supported by residents.


(Cllr Morris returned at this point and resumed his role as Chairman)


Planning Decisions



61     FINANCE


Financial Statement

The financial statement for the year to the end of August was presented to the Parish Council




Resolved – To pay £21.60 for rent


Resolved – To pay £140.66 for salary and £20.00 for expenses


Resolved – To pay £202.17 for salary and £34.19 for expenses


Resolved – To pay £28.45 for salary and £5.50 for expenses


Resolved – To pay £897.60 for salary and £110.07 for expenses


Resolved – To pay £335 00 for PAYE


Resolved – To pay £20.00 for membership and £10.00 for training


Resolved – To pay £18.68 for Consumables


Resolved – To pay £45.19 for Consumables


Resolved – To pay £434.34 for Insurance


Resolved – To pay £113.39 for Consumables


Resolved – To pay £372.00 for Audit Fee


Resolved – To pay £250 Grant


Resolved – To pay £250 Grant


Resolved – To pay £1000 Grant


Resolved – To pay £6.60 for Materials


Bank Mandate


Previous resolution stated that Mrs Lloyd should not be a cheque signatory unfortunately the bank stated that the person managing the account had to be a signatory.


Resolved – Mrs Lloyd is to pursue this with the bank but if necessary is to remain a signatory to the account but inform the bank in writing that she is not a cheque signatory.  Councillor Dobson is to be an additional signatory to the account.




Consideration was given to the sites of the two additional bins for Tickton provided by the Bin Buddies and the proposal of a larger bin for Hull Bridge and the re-siting of the existing Hull Bridge Litter Bin.


Resolved – At their request the two ‘bin buddies’ bins are to be sited  on the cut through of Green Lane/Carr Lane and at the kissing gate on Churchfields.  Residents near these sites will be informed.  A larger bin will replace the existing one on Hull Bridge Road and the current smaller bin will be re-sited near the salt bin in Weel




The new website for Tickton and Routh Parish Council was discussed.  Suggestions were made on areas to improve/develop.




The Clerk updated the Parish Council on actions from the 2011/12 plan that had been completed and those items still outstanding


Resolved – The purchase of two additional self-closing gates will be added to the plan.  These will be installed at the same time the east fence is replaced and the signs are erected on the village field. 




Cllr Webster proposed the following motion:-


That the PC considers asking ERYC to provide a bus shelter for the main bus stop in Tickton


Resolved – The motion is approved.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40pm.The next ordinary meeting was scheduled for 17 October 2011.


These minutes should be considered draft until approved by a subsequent meeting of the Parish Council.