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19 September 2016

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 19 September 2016

Present:                               Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

                                                Councillors: Lenton; T Walker; Oliver; N Walker; Morris; Wells; Caley; Webster; Prescott

Ward Councillor: P Pollard

Apologies                           Councillor Greenwood

Absent:                                No-one

Public:                                  No members of the public attended

Minute Taker                     Mrs M Middleton – Clerk


  Part I


There were no members of the public present.

The Councillors thanked Councillor N Walker for her efforts with regard to the changeover of Clerk.


Councillors Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 19.3 (minute 82 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall.  Councillor Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 19.3 (minute 82 refers) as an employee of the Village Hall.  Councillor Sinkler declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 19.3 (minutes 82 refers) as Chairman of Tickton & Routh Parish Council.


Resolved: The minutes of the meeting of 17 August 2016 were approved as a true and correct record. 


Playground Inspection

Quotations from ROSPA Play Safety and The Play Inspection Company were obtained and presented at the meeting.

Resolved: To remain with The Play Inspection Company.

 Computer Software

Software and security options for use with laptop were discussed.  The Insurance Company have confirmed that cover is provided to a value of £5,000.00; there is therefore no need to increase the premium currently paid.

Resolved:  It was unanimously agreed; Clerk to arrange purchase of Microsoft Office and utilise Windows Defender or similar security.

 Mobile Telephone & Signage

The current mobile telephone number displayed on signage no longer exists.  Discussion took place with regard to the Clerk being issued with a mobile telephone for the purpose of the role and the new number to be replaced on signage.

Resolved: It was unanimously agreed; Clerk to arrange purchase of low cost mobile telephone plus top up.  Arrange for the printing of new telephone number to display on signage

 Email Address

The Parish Council email address has been changed as follows;

Messages to the address set up through the outgoing Clerk’s email address have been set up to automatically re-route to the web-linked email address to allow for continuity and for the account to be deleted in future.

 Payroll and Pension

ERVAS has commenced providing payroll and pension related services to Tickton & Routh Parish Council.   ERVAS charges are based upon £10 initial set up and £5 per month for each salary and a one off payment of £50 for pension services (3-year cycle).  Currently Councillor A and N Walker are designated contacts for ERVAS.  Following discussion Councillor Lenton agreed to take over this role from Councillor A Walker.  Review of Handyman’s salary to be included on next Agenda.

Resolved:  Councillors Lenton and N Walker to be designed contacts for ERVAS.  Councillor Lenton to send forms and ID to ERVAS.

 Training and Induction

The Clerk has booked onto the ERLLCA New Clerk’s Induction on 29 September at Barton upon Humber. This is free of charge.

Handyman Report

As part of her Induction, the Clerk and Handyman toured the Parish.  Items of note included the condition of the container on Cullington Field and the plants growing on Weel Common.

Resolved:  Councillor A Prescott to proceed to obtain a formal report for Weel Common at a cost of £150


The following information was made available to the Councillors at the meeting;

▪ ERNLLCA August Newsletter ▪ Conferences and Training ▪ Grants ▪ ERYC YORSwitch

Resolved:  Clerk to establish future dates for Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures training on behalf of Councillors N Walker and Oliver

Tree House

Correspondence was circulated with regard to an issue relating to the height of a tree house affecting a neighbouring property.  ERYC Enforcement is currently dealing with this issue.

Tickton Pre-School Fencing Agreement

The Clerk advised that the above signed Agreement has been received.  Following discussion, it was agreed that all the information within the Agreement be presented at the next meeting for approval.  The Contractor can then be instructed to commence with the work.

RESOLVED:  The motion was unanimously carried, with the exception of one Councillor. Clerk to contact the Pre-School to request information within the Agreement in time for the next meeting.  Councillor N Walker to circulate agreed fence plan including sizes 


Supported Bus Consultation

The Bus Consultation ended on the 28th August 2016.  This was discussed at length and acknowledged that Government funding cuts are likely to impact on local services affecting some residents.  It was noted that the Parish Council have widely circulated this information on a range of media to support the local community.  The outcome of the Consultation will be circulated when this is made available.


Councillor Prescott confirmed that the horses tethered at Weel have been removed.

Councillor Wells discussed the need for road signs to be displayed at the end of ‘Meaux Lane leading to Meaux Road’.

RESOLVED:  Councillor Pollard to check with ERYC that road signs at Meaux have been requested


Councillor A Walker provided an update with regard to Rural Crime. 


A quotation of £28.24 insurance premium has been received to cover all 5 defibrillators under the Property Insurance section of the Hiscox Policy.  The Company have agreed that this charge be deferred until the next renewal date of 1st June 2017.  The equipment will be added to the Asset Register and the Agreement adhered to.

RESOLVED:  Clerk to add to Asset Register and confirm premium with Insurance Company 


The Village Task Force schedule has been received from ERYC and circulated to the group.  The workmanship of some of the paint work is poor and has been reported back to ERYC.  The Crown & Anchor bridge and surrounding area is also in need of weeding this has been reported to ERYC.  Councillor Lenton advised that he had not received the above schedule and that there is footpath deterioration and the bollards near to the garage at Routh have been broken by the grass cutter.

RESOLVED: Clerk to contact ERYC re: Crown & Anchor bridge weeding to confirm responsibility, report footpath deterioration and bollards at Routh and to recirculate schedule 


Councillors discussed Cullington Field hedging, fencing and tennis court resurfacing in detail and to progress agreed to bring suggestions to the October 2016 meeting and to consider funding options.

RESOLVED: To agree work to be undertaken at Cullington Field and to consider funding options at the next meeting 


It was reported that the Wild Flower Bank at Carr Lane has been cut back by East Riding Group.  The thistles in the Main Street Wild Flower Bank need to be removed.  Councillor Oliver requested a copy of the Grass Cutting Schedule.

RESOLVED: Clerk to arrange for thistles to be removed from Main Street Wild Flower Bank

RESOLVED: Clerk to supply Councillor Oliver with a copy of the Grass Cutting Schedule 


The survey was circulated to Councillors for consideration.


The ERYC Consultation was circulated to Councillors for considerations. 


The link to the ERYC Local Plan was circulated to Councillors for information. 


The Public Spaces Protection Order replaced the Dog Control Order on the 1st April 2016 and is created under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.  Signs in the area will be changed in due course.


The next meetings will be held on 3rd November at 10:00 am at Beverley Police Station.  The Councillors were invited to raise any specific items prior to this date.


Weel Common is in need of a grass cut.  It was agreed that the dates for next year’s grass cut contract needs to be reviewed.

RESOLVED:  Clerk to request that East Riding Group cut the grass at Weel Common as soon as possible and review dates for next year’s grass cuts 


Parish representatives 3-year term of office expired in August 2016. It was recognised that the Parish Council should look in the future to replace Councillors on the panel with lay members.

RESOLVED:  To re-elect Councillors Frank Wells and Cathy Oliver for a further 3 years.  Wind Farm Fund administrators to be informed.


The FITTA Group requested permission to place a poppy sculpture alongside the War Memorial in Main Street, Tickton during the month of November.

RESOLVED:  The Councillors agreed to the structure, Clerk to respond


Planning Decisions

16/02142/PLF – Erection of conservatory to side Cirrus Carr Lane Weel East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 0SQ for Mr & Mrs Campbell – Permission Granted

16/02188/TPO – TPO TICKTON ORDER 1994 (REF:100) A1: Hornbeam x8; Crown clean & thin by 15% to improve amenity and light. Beech Croft Chestnut Mews Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9TD – Consent Granted

16/01712/PLF – Installation of 80mm rockwool external insulation and render to front and side elevations Elm Croft 68 Main Street Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9RZ – Approved

16/00996/CLE – Certificate of Lawfulness for the continued occupation of the dwelling without complying with condition 2 (agricultural occupancy) of planning permission 308-14 Carr Farm Carr Lane Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9SD – Refused

16/02652/TCA – TICKTON CONSERVATION AREA: Lawson Cypress type conifer x3: Fell. The Firs 25 Main Street Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9SH – awaiting decision

16/01599/PLF – Erection of detached garage following demolition of existing – Evergreen 296 Hull Bridge Road Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9RT – awaiting decision

Planning applications

16/02451/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to side and creation of access | Santana 3 Butt Lane Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9SFfor Mr & Mrs McGuiness – Full Planning Permission

RESOLVED:  No comment

16/02761/PLF – Erection of a detached dwelling with associated access, parking, hard and soft landscaping following demolition of existing outbuildings | New Inn 31 Main Street Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9SH – Full Planning Permission

RESOLVED: No objection and to take note of the Conservation and Highway Officers recommendations.


The financial report was presented at the meeting and it was highlighted that the budget line for Drainage and Cullington Field and drainage be increased.  It was agreed that sufficient budget be transferred from the General Reserve.  It was also agreed that General Reserve budget be transferred into Office and Stationery to cover the cost of the IT equipment.

RESOLVED:  To transfer budget from General Reserve to cover the cost of drainage and Cullington Field and the purchase of IT equipment

Audit Response 2015/16

The Audit Response has been received and will be displayed on the noticeboards before 30.9.2016.

RESOLVED: Clerk to display Audit Response 2015/16 on public noticeboards


East Riding Group

Resolved: To pay £569.96 for grass cutting

PKF Littlejohn LLP

Resolved: To pay £240.00 for Audit Return 2015/16


Resolved: To pay £25.00 Payroll Processing       

Tickton Village Hall

Resolved: To pay £10 Room Hire – July

MKM Building Supplies

Resolved: To pay £304.35 materials and play bark

Councillor Howard Sinkler

Resolved: To pay £1,152.93 reimbursement of Parish Council laptop and equipment     


Resolved: To pay £2,570.00 salaries and reimbursements 

  83 There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.  The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 17 October 2016 at 7.30pm