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20 June 2016

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 20 June 2016


Present:                     Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

                                    Councillors Morris; Prescott; Oliver; A Walker; N Walker; Webster;


Apologies                  Councillors Caley; Greenwood; Wells


Absent:                      No-one


Public:                        No members of the public attended


Minute Taker             Mrs C Lloyd -clerk




There were no members of the public present



Councillor Oliver declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 10 (minute 34 refers) as an employee of the Village Hall. Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 10 (minute 34 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee.



Resolved:  The minutes of the Annual Meeting of 16 May subject to the amendments of 23 May are signed as a true and correct record.



Naming of Meaux Lane

A response had been received from East Riding to clarify the confusion regarding the naming of Meaux Lane. Meaux Lane Routh commences on Main Road Routh and runs generally southward to Meaux Abbey Farm near Cote Bridge; Meaux Lane Meaux commences at Meaux Abbey Farm and runs generally southwards to Bridge Cottage near Meaux Bridge and Meaux Road Wawne commences at Bridge Cottage and runs south to main Street/Sutton Road in Wawne Village. This information has been distributed to Councillors and only Councillor Wells believed that there remains a problem but has not clarified what this is.

Update on Bus Shelters

PR Latus has been asked to produce an informal quotation to replace the other bus shelter on Main Street Tickton.


Current Planning Enforcement Issues

Nothing new has been reported to enforcement.


Current Public Consultations



Invitations to participate




The only contact from Ward Councillor came in an e-mail which will be discussed in Agenda Item 12


No police report was available


A verbal report was received from neighbourhood watch regarding an on-going issue about some trees that were cut down on the A1035 to which no answer has been received from East Riding of Yorkshire Council but this has now become a police matter as there has been a number of incidents where trees have been cut down to sell for firewood logs.



Planning Decisions

16/00742 – Erection of Detached Triple Garage at Ivy House Main Road Routh HU17 9SL at Ivy House Main Road Routh HU17 9SL for Mr K Walker


16/01068 Erection of store to side and rear of existing dwelling with covered area to front side and rear of existing dwelling following demolition of existing garage existing tiles to roof of dwelling to be replaced with tiles to match roof of dwelling to be replaced with tiles to match roof of new covered area at 3 Carr Lane Tickton HU17 9SD for Mr Jason Barley


16/01186 – Erection of first floor extension to side over existing garage and single storey extension to front at 34 Main Street Tickton HU17 9RZ for Mr Muldoon


116/01218  – TPO TICKTON ORDER – 1994 (REF:100) A1: Hornbeam x 4; carry out side reduction by lifting to 6m and pruning back tertiary branches away from property and garage, Holly; reduce by 2m away from property at  Beech Croft Chestnut Mews Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9TD for Mr Paul Betts


Planning Applications

16/01712 – Installation of 80mm rockwood external insulation and render to front and side elevations at Elmcroft 68 Main Street Lane Tickton HU17 9SD for Mrs Zoe Reed.

Resolved:  No Comment is made

16/01599 – New Detached Garage after demolition of existing garage at Evergreen 296 Hull Bridge Road Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9RT for Mr and Mrs Keith and Irene Ward.Resolved:  Resolved:  If approved attenuation plans must be in place to mitigate surface water run offs as flooding and flood risk is a major environmental concern of this parish council and ERYC.  All planned exterior hard surfacing must be of propriety porous or permeable type to reduce surface water run-off and a resulting contribution to flooding in the area

Enforcement Issues

As per resolution from last month the clerk contacted GOLGV Training Services who stated that they have a preplanning application in for the land next to the Crown and Anchor.


East Riding and Hull Joint Minerals Local Plan Revised Preferred Approach Consultation

Cllrs Morris and N Walker attended a drop in session organised by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to view the revised preferred approach to joint mineral extraction

Resolved: Concern is expressed that if there is any gravel at the earmarked site in Routh and it is to be extracted there is an access problem as the only access is through existing holiday home businesses and on to the busy A1035.


A verbal finance report was given that informed the Parish Council that the cheque for £1224.23 for Broker Network Ltd had been made to the wrong payee and replaced with another cheque during the month to the broker Came and Company



Information Commissioner

Resolved: To pay £35.00 renewal of registration


Mr Brice

Resolved: To pay £246.88 salary and £88.16 reimbursement for consumables


Mrs C Lloyd

Resolved: To pay £1047.46 salary


Pay Award for Clerk and Handyman

Resolved: It was agreed that the national pay award should be applied to the salary of the clerk and the same uplift given to the hourly rate of the handyman



Councillor Sinkler reported back that all was going according to plan and that the spoil from the drainage would be landscaped behind existing soil bunds.

Resolved:  Councilllor Walker would inform all relevant schools of closure of field


An update was given on this incident.

Resolved:  The Parish Council will take steps to have the vegetation alleged to be giant hogweed tested by an independent expert as to its identity and if proven to be giant hogweed steps will be taken to have it eradicated.



This item was deferred.

Resolved:  Existing Standing Orders and Financial Regulations remain in force until review.



No forms had yet been presented to the clerk for the Parish Council to sign



The Pre-School had proposed an alternative supplier of the fence to the Parish Councillors approved contractor who supplied the original fence.  This would provide a saving for the Pre-School and would make no difference to the finances of the Parish Council.

Resolved: The proposal is rejected.  Any work on the fence must be undertaken by the original supplier



Councillor Morris attended the meeting and updated the Parish Council on changes East Riding of Yorkshire Council are making to commenting on Planning Applications.


Councillors Morris and Oliver attended a walkabout in Tickton and a resident of Weel attended a walkabout in Weel.  Other identified areas of concern not covered in the walkabout will be sent to East Riding Streetscene Department to add to those identified during the walkabouts.



Councillor Walker attended this meeting and updated the Parish Council



The Parish Council has received a request from the Beverley and North Holderness Internal Drainage Board for continued financial support to maintain this water course for the next two to three years in order to bring it up to an acceptable standard.

Resolved: As per minute 2015/1254 it is agreed that some of the cost of the work will continue to be met be the Parish Council for two years at a cost of no more than £180 per annum.  An extension of one year or an increase in cost must be agreed beforehand with the Tickton and Routh Parish Council.


Councillor Webster proposed that the PC takes action to reduce the nuisance of wood pigeons in the general area.

Resolved      No action can be taken so the motion was rejected.

There being no further business the meeting closed 9.45pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council was scheduled for 18 July 2016.