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21 March 2016

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 21 March 2016


Present:                      Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors; Caley Morris; Oliver; Lenton; Prescott; A Walker; N Walker; Webster

Apologies:                 Councillors Greenwood; Wells


Absent:                       No-one


In Attendance:           Mrs A Leathley for agenda item 12 (minute 126 refers)


Minute Taker:             Mrs C Lloyd


Public:                        There were no members of the public present





No members of the public were in attendance





Councillor Oliver declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 9b (minute 123b refers) as an employee of the Village Hall.  Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 9b (minute 123b refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee.  Councillor Sinkler declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 8a (minute 122a refers) as the applicant





Resolved:  The minutes of the meeting of 8 February 2016 are signed as a true and correct record.





Election Costs

In response to an e-mail East Riding of Yorkshire Council have stated that they will not be charging uncontested parishes any cost for the elections held in 2015.


Cleaning of Minor Drains

In response to an issue raised at a previous meeting  the environment agency have now confirmed that they do take responsibility for cleaning Barmston and Holderness Drains but they have no obligation to do so.  This year they have had to manage the work by using the Internal Drainage Board due to a health and safety incident elsewhere which caused considerable delay in the implementation of their maintenance programme generally.  The response states that they will be meeting the cost of this contracting out and not the Internal Drainage Board so therefore it should have no impact on the funding required by the Internal Drainage Board in the long term.


Village Taskforce Walkabout

The Streetscene walkabout will take place on Thursday June 9th starting at the Post Office at 9.45. In line with previous years a list needs to be produced in advance of the visit of any taskforce issues that we wish to raise.


Grounds Maintenance Contract

After the last meeting East Riding Group agreed to provide the ground maintenance service for the year. They have now commenced the service.


Annual Parish Meeting

Invitation to attend and present at the Annual Parish Meeting on 25 April have gone out to all invitees and local groups and an advert and article has been placed in Tickton Diary.


Brownfield Sites

A request has come from East Riding for notification of any brownfield sites in the parish that may be suitable for development.  If no suitable sites are identified a nil return will be sent.


Clean for the Queen

This did not take place but may be diarised for later in the year


Current Planning Enforcement Issues

No new notifications or outstanding issues


Current Public Consultations

No current East Riding Public Consultations but the is a Government consultation until 15 April on the proposed changes to the Housing and Planning Bill, which includes measures to speed up and remove barriers to neighbourhood planning, actions aimed to improve the handling of planning applications extending permitted development rights for free schools and details of how a new planning ‘permission in principle’ approach will work in practice


Invitations to Participate

No new invitation have been received





Councillor Pollard was unable to attend due to a commitment in London. In her absence the clerk read out feedback from East Riding’s response to concerns over the tethered horses and the recent problems with travellers racing horse and carts on Weel Road.  A response from East Riding regarding the parking arrangements at the stables was fed back to Councillors.  A request will be sent to Councillor Pollard for East Riding to inspect the state of the common land at Weel and identify any improvements they will make.



The police report had been distributed.  Recent poaching activity was discussed. It was confirmed that River Watch is now running from all along the river Hull from Tickton to Driffield.  The next area will be Beckside in Beverley.  Advice was given that all pedlars should have a certificate from East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  Any illegal calls should be reported to the police 101 number.




Planning Decisions

15/03949 – Construction of 2 Dormer Windows to side and installation of rooflight and construction of Juliet balcony to rear following raising of roof height to create extra living space and removal of existing dormer windows and rooflights to rear at Cherry Tree Barn Main Street Tickton HU17 9RZ for Mrs Dana Butler

Permission is granted


16/00030 – Erection of a general purpose agricultural building following partial demolition of existing at Manor House Farm Meaux Lane Routh East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9SR for H N Sinkler and Son

Permission is granted


16/00219 – Erection of single story extension to side and rear following demolition of existing porch at 4 West Croft Weel HU17 0SW for Mr Simon Reynolds

Permission is granted


16//00317/PLF – Erection of single storey extension to front at 31 Scotts Garth Close Tickton HU17 9RQ for Mr And Mrs Chris Ashenden

Permission is granted


Planning Application

16/00451 – Erection of single story extension to front at 1 Eske Lane Tickton HU17 9SG for Mrs G Burnett – Full Planning Permission

Resolved: The following comment is made on this application:

‘As the footprint of the building is now increasing it could potentially have an effect on water run- off and so it is recommended that if the application is approved it should be subject to satisfaction that all planned exterior surfacing is of propriety porous or permeable type and that attenuation plans are in place to mitigate the impact of surface water run off’.

16//00302 – Display of 2 externally illuminated fascia signs (individual letters), 1 externally illuminated double sided projecting sign and 1 externally illuminated double sided twin post signs at Nags Head Main Road Routh HU17 9SL for Allen Reynolds Partnership – Consent to display an advertisement

Resolved: No comment is made


16/00742 – Erection of a Detached Triple Garage at Ivy House Main Road Routh HU17 9SL for Mr K Walker – Full Planning Permission

Resolved: The following comment is made on this application:

‘As the footprint of the building is now increasing it could potentially have an effect on water run- off and so it is recommended that if the application is approved it should be subject to satisfaction that all planned exterior surfacing is of propriety porous or permeable type and that attenuation plans are in place to mitigate the impact of surface water run off as this is a known flood risk area’.


16/00450 – Retention of carport to side at the Bungalow 87 Main Street Tickton HU17 9RZ for Mr C Hill – Full Planning Permission

The response made by the clerk under delegated responsibility of no comment is noted


Other Planning Issues:

The Parish Council had been asked to support a section S106 request for re-siting of Weel Household Recycling Facility on land earmarked for development, north of the new bypass.  East Riding of Yorkshire Council have confirmed that they are still proactively looking for an alternative site but have not indicated whether they would support such an application but suggested that representations are made about this request only when a planning application is actually submitted.

Resolved: This issue will be returned to when a planning application is available





Financial Commentary

The financial report to the end of February was presented, which included an up to date year end forecast

This forecast was used in the preparation of the base budget.  The report also presented the quarterly bank reconciliation.

Resolved: The financial position and quarterly bank reconciliation are noted. 



Mr Brice

Resolved: To pay £94.71 salary.

Mrs Lloyd

Resolved: To pay £1047.46 salary and £100.66 for stationery, printer ink, bin bags and stamps



Resolved: To pay £269.40 PAYE



Resolved: To pay £3120.00 for ground maintenance contract


Tickton Village Hall

Resolved:  To pay £30.00 room hire



Resolved: To pay £54.00 training fees


Play and Leisure

Resolved:  To pay £7342.80 for installation of the cradle swings


Base Budget 2016/7

A paper had been distributed to all councillors with regard to the base budget for 2016/7 which included the forecast outturn by budget head, the estimated budgets taken into account when the precept was set and a forecast of recurrent funding required in 2016/7.  A detailed discussion took place about rents, recurrent funding, grant funding, and any other funding requirements for projects planned to take place in 2016/7

Resolved:  It is agreed that the charge for the allotments is to remain at the same level in 2016/7.  Other recurrent budgets and grants were agreed based on the paper distributed.  Discussion on the parish survey, computer equipment for the council, development fund for Weel Common, new lighting on Main Street were all regarded as suitable developments.  Costs would now be collected and presented at a future meeting, along with any other plans not discussed to date.




Discussions have taken place with representatives of the Internal Drainage Board regarding the surface drainage from St Paul’s area.  It was agreed that the clearance of the drain behind red and green cottage was a priority and a recommendation went and was approved that they would clear the drain.  However as they believed they would be unable to recover this from the riparian owner they asked whether the Parish Council would agree to make a small contribution to the costs.

Resolved: It is agreed that this is a priority and some of the cost of the work undertaken by the Internal Drainage Board will be met by the Parish Council using their power under the Public Health Act 1936 s60.  The letter to the Internal Drainage Board will state that if they manage to recover the costs from the riparian owner then the parish council should be refunded.




A draft memorandum of agreement with Tickton Pre-School and Play Pals for the establishment of a community garden had been circulated for discussion

Resolved: This item is deferred until the next meeting to give councillors the opportunity to view potential sites.




Mrs Leathley attended the meeting on behalf of the Tickton Defibrillator Campaign to update about the funds raised and the news that the British Heart Foundation had agreed to supply one defibrillator and cabinet and N.U.R.S.E. charity had agreed to donate the rest.  A local electrician had agreed to install all the defibrillators at nil cost subject to the approval of the host.  Potential sites had been identified.  Funding raised would be used to provide training events and meet any other incidental costs.  The Parish Council were asked for support with the recurrent costs of the defibrillators including insurance.  It was confirmed that members of the Campaign Group would continue to do all required routine testing of the machines after installation.

Resolved: Mrs Leathley is asked to convey the parish council’s congratulations to those who had been involved in this campaign.  The Parish Council will support the recurrent costs of the defibrillators subject to satisfactory insurance being available.






There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.20 pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 18 April 2016 at 7.30pm