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21 October 2013

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 21 October 2013



Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley, Dobson, Hardy, Morris, Oliver, A Walker, N Walker, Webster, Wells


In Attendance:       

Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)

Ward Councillor Birmingham for agenda item 6 only (minute 73 refers)

Mr and Mrs R Lenton for item 8c only (minute 75c refers)



There were five members of the public present.



Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 9a (minute 76a refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee; Councillor Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda 9a (minute 76a refers) as a member of the Village Hall Management Committee.



Issues raised by the public were funding for a bus shelter and a planning application.


71          MINUTES

Resolved – The minutes of 16 September 2013 are signed as a true and correct record.


72          CLERKS REPORT

The clerk updated the council on the following items:


Handyman Resignation

Mr Little had resigned and his hours would now be picked up by Mr Brice.


Wetpour Surface in GL Cullington Field

DCM surfaces had agreed that the surface under the basket swing would be repaired under guarantee.  They were due to inspect the site on Wednesday.


Surface under Swing in Tickton Children’s Play

An order had been placed foo the repair of the carpet under the swings in the next week or two at a cost of £420 plus VAT.


Yorkshire Air Ambulance

As there was no suitable site in the car park of the New Inn, a response has been sent to inform the Yorkshire air Ambulance Service that there are no suitable sites in the parish.   


Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline

Consultation documents were available for those who wished to see them


Letter of Thanks letter from Mrs B Stocks

A letter of thanks had been received from Mrs Stocks regarding the Memorial Day especially the research and organisation of Councillors Nicky and Tony Walker


Report from Dog Warden

The dog warden has replied regarding the recent incident when a resident was identified allowing his dogs to roam free on the playing fields, unfortunately he has yet to give details of the actions taken


Councillor Vacancy

Following the resignation of Councillor Harbidge, East Riding of Yorkshire Council were contacted and notices of the vacancy had now been posted on the noticeboards in Tickton Parish and on the website.  If 10 residents respond by 11 November then an election will be held.  Otherwise the Council will need to begin the co-option process at the next meeting.


RTA on Tickton Bridge

On Thursday 17 October night there was an accident on the bridge over the River Hull which caused structural damage to the parapets on both sides of the bridge.  Temporary barriers have been put in place until permanent repairs are undertaken.  As a result the speed limit has been temporarily reduced to 40 mph on this section of road up to the Tickton turn off.



Items discussed with the ward councillor were parking enforcement and litter picking on Meaux Lane and Weel Road and the handover of the Lifestyle petition. One topic that was put forward for discussion at the next meeting with the Ward Councillors on Tuesday 26 November were dog issues                           



The report from the police and neighbourhood watch was noted.


75         PLANNING  

Planning Applications

Ref 13/03098/PLF – Erection of a dwelling at Land Rear of 70 Main Street Tickton East Riding of Yorkshire for Pauline Jeffrey


Resolved – The Parish Council recommend that this application is refused on the following grounds

The emerging development plan recognises that Tickton is in a flood risk area that has already achieved its target for development, therefore key to any extra development must be its impact on flood risk.  This development will increase the risk of localised flooding to those houses around from surface water as it is replacing a garden where water soaks away with a non-permeable structure.

The overbearing nature of the proposal is unacceptable and is out of proportion to the site, and contrary to what is said in the application there would be a loss of privacy to the neighbours at 68a.

The proposal will provide insufficient off road parking for the new property and the existing property

This application if approved would definitely have a serious impact on the trees that  are covered by a conservation order.  The plan shows that in order to put a property of this scale in the garden they have encroached into the tree protection area. The process of building this property will have a serious impact on the trees and there is no doubt that the trees, if retained as per the plan, would have a serious impact on the property once built, leading to the inevitable request in the future for the trees to be cut down. 


Additionally the Parish Council recommends that if the application is approved the following conditions should apply


That the scale is reduced to ensure the tree exclusion zone is observed

That the material used should conform to those required by the conservation officer

That additional plans are submitted to ensure that there is adequate parking for both the new house and number 70 Main Street

That better attenuation plans must be in place than those in the plans to mitigate surface water run-off as flooding and flood risk is a major environmental concern of this Parish Council and ERYC (see draft rural strategy ENV1) and this land in particular does not soak away.

That all planned exterior hard surfacing, must be of proprietary porous or permeable type to reduce surface water runoff and contribution to flooding.

That the privacy of the neighbours is respected and that opaque glass is used to prevent them being overlooked


If the planning officer is recommending approval, the Parish Council request this application should be referred to the appropriate Committee/Sub-Committee


Ref 13/02492/PLF – Extension of replacement dwelling (AMENDED PLANS & FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT) at Inglenook 240 Hull Bridge Road Tickton HU17 9RT for Mr and Mrs Paul Ramsey


Resolved – The following conditions should be imposed if the application is approved:


Better attenuation plans must be in place than those in the plans to mitigate surface water run-off as flooding and flood risk is a major environmental concern of this Parish Council and ERYC (see draft rural strategy ENV1) and this land in particular does not soak away.

All planned exterior hard surfacing, must be of proprietary porous or permeable type to reduce surface water runoff and contribution to flooding.

The integrity of the footpath to the side of the property must be maintained with no alteration to the existing hedging.


Ref 13/02953/PLF – Erection of two storey extension to side and 2.4m high wall to side and rear at Bridge House Cottage Weel Road Tickton HU17 9RY for Mr John Ford

Resolved – The Parish Council recommend that this application is refused as they object to the height of the proposed wall as it is too high and too severe.  They have no objection to the house being extended if done in the same brickwork as the house but as there is no design and access statement available this cannot be guaranteed.

If this application is approved the dimensions and materials must be made available and approved by ERYC and must be sympathetic to the existing building and the height of the wall should be reduced to something more to scale.


The lack of documentation is queried.


Ref 13/03060/PLF – Erection of Wind Turbine (24.6m to hub, 34.2m to tip) at Land West of Arram Grange Main Street Arram HU17 7NR for JA & AE Sellars

Resolved – An objection is to be raised as follows:


The proposed siting of this turbine is too close to Pulfin Bog which is a haven for birds and 16 species of dragonfly and is a site of special scientific interest.  Placing the turbine so close will destroy both the ecology of this area and have an adverse visual impact.

This application is contrary to the current Beverley Borough Local Plan (E1, E13, E14, E15, and E16) for the above reasonsThe turbine placement does not preserve or enhance the natural heritage and it will have a significant adverse impact upon wildlife and the ecology of the area.  No special reasons exist in favour of this application that outweigh the importance of the site.  The application will impact on the visual amenity from Pulfin Bog (which is a walking route) and no guarantee can be given that the ecology of the area will not suffer.  

In order to meet the criteria of PolicyIn13, proposals for renewable energy should meet all of the criteria.  This does not meet the ‘will not significantly detract from the appearance of the area’ criterion; nor does it meet the ‘will not affect an area of nature conservation’ criterion.


Additionally there are concerns that it does not appear that Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has been consulted and if this is correct we feel they should be immediately asked to comment before a decision is made.


If the planning officer is recommending approval of this application, the Parish Council request this application should be referred to the appropriate Committee/Sub-Committee


Decision on Tree Application      

Fell tree in order to stop any further damage to neighbours drive at Land East of 7 Main Street, Tickton HU17 9SH for Mr George Smith


This application is granted permission


Listed Building Status for Cottage Farm, Routh


Mr Lenton the owner of Cottage Farm was invited to the meeting to present his future plans for the building.  Mr Lenton had owned the farm for a number of years and felt that Parish Councillors should have made attempts to see the problems with Cottage Farm first hand and discuss the issues with him directly rather than act as they had.  He explained that he was passionate about the building and had already gone to a great deal of expense to refurbish the outbuildings to their original specifications and using original materials. He did not want to destroy what was there and felt that his previous application was one way of doing that but at the same time giving his family a dream home to live in.  As that application had been refused his architect was now working on a design which retained the frontage and as many of the original features as they could thus preserving the character of Cottage Farm.  Throughout the process he has worked with the planners from East Riding of Yorkshire Council and they are pleased with the standard of the restoration to date.


Resolved – Mr Lenton was thanked for attending the meeting


ERYC Consultation with Parish Councils

East Riding of Yorkshire Council were currently in consultation with parish councils regarding electronic consultation on planning applications.  This would mean that no paper copies of applications would be sent to the clerk.

Resolved – Electronic consultation is not suitable for Tickton and Routh Parish Council as it assumes that people have readily available electronic access when they need to or want to have access to the plans.  For this parish that is not the case.

The paper copies sent to the clerk are currently available to the public to view.  Not all residents of Tickton and Routh Parish have electronic access and the Parish Council does not have an office where they could view them electronically, nor is there a suitable public facility within the parish that could be utilised for this function

The public are not always able to view the paper plans at County Hall as they work elsewhere and welcome the ability the current system allows them to view the paper copies in the evenings at their leisure.

The Parish Council use the paper copies at their meetings when discussing the applications.  At their meetings there is no electronic facility – they meet in a room that is hired as they have no premises.

The Parish Council does not have the capability or budget to print the plans for those who haven’t got the electronic capability or for use at meetings.  It will not represent a saving if the costs are simply transferred.

The current broadband enjoyed in areas of the parish (notably the whole of the parish of Routh) is not sufficient for the downloading of the applications.   

Two of our councillors represent Routh and an additional Tickton councillor lives there.  This means that they would have no access to the plans, either at home or at the meeting.  This is not acceptable.


Consultation on Woodmansey Village Neighbourhood Development Plan

Tickton and Routh are a statutory consultee for the Woodmansey Neighbourhood Plan.

Resolved – The Parish Council would like to be kept informed regarding the plan but have no specific comments to make at this time.  Enquiries would be made of Woodmansey Parish Council about the cost of producing a neighbourhood development plan


76          FINANCE

The financial report to end of September was presented to the Parish Council.

Councillors were requested to bring any potential items for inclusion in the precept to the next meeting with some outline costing.


Tickton Village Hall

Resolved – To pay £19.20 room hire

Mr Brice

Resolved – To pay £155.20 salary

Mr Brice

Resolved – To pay £27.95 for maintenance consumables


Payments made under Financial Regulations 6(d) and 7(b)


Resolved – Payment of £ 419.40 PAYE is noted

 PKF Littlejohn – Audit Fee

Resolved – Payment of £240.00 audit fee is noted



The Parish Council have been waiting since June 2012 for East Riding to agree the new legal agreements and install the bus shelter.  Feedback from East Riding was not very encouraging in that it would not be funded by them this financial year and next year there was already a very limited budget.  A grant may be available to part fund the shelter but it would be necessary for the shelter to meet their financial requirements.  Another alternative would be for the Parish Council to fund the shelter themselves from the precept.

Different designs of shelter were considered.

Resolved – Quotations would be obtained from local joiners based on the agreed specification for the shelter.  These would be circulated.  If necessary, an extra meeting of the Parish Council would be arranged to discuss these quotations and to approve a grant application 



 This item was deferred until the next meeting.


 This item was deferred until the next meeting.




The first motion proposed by Councillor Oliver was deferred until the next meeting:


Councillor Walker proposed the following motion:

 ‘That the PC considers a request to ERYC to re-considers its present policy of prohibiting all children from leaving the car as  the participation of children over 10 under parental supervision would be a beneficial lesson for them  in responsible recycling’.                                                                             


Resolved – This motion is rejected.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.10pm. The next ordinary meeting was scheduled for 18 November 2013 (unless an earlier meeting to discuss the bus shelter had to be arranged)