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21 Sept 2015

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 21 September 2015


Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley; Greenwood; Oliver; Lenton; Morris; Prescott; A Walker; Webster; Wells                


Councillor N Walker 



In Attendance:      

Ward Councillor Pollard for agenda items to 6 (minutes to 51 refer)                             

Minute Taker:       

Mrs C Lloyd 


There was one member of the public present 


The issue of parking on Sundays was raised by a member of the public.


Councillor Oliver declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 9b (minute 54 refers) as an employee of the Village Hall, and a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 10 (minute 55 refers) as a member of Routh Wind Farm Decision Making Panel and agenda item 5 (minute 47 refers as a relative of two members of Junior Ground Force. Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 9b (minute 54 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee. Councillor Wells declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 10 (minute 55 refers) as a member of Routh Wind Farm Decision Making Panel


Resolved:  The minutes of the meeting of 13 July 2015 are signed as a true and correct record.


 Caravan and Tethered Horses, Weel Road

It had finally been agreed that the land the horses had originally been tethered on opposite the recycling plant was owned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  The importance of identifying the owner is that, due to recent legislation, the owner of the land can seize unidentified horses and after two weeks if the owner does not come forward they can be sold.  East Riding of Yorkshire Council will be unlikely to do this due to the prohibitive cost of £2000 per horse for them to be stabled for the two week period which it was felt was unrecoverable.  The owner of the land where the caravan is parked is still not clear.

Flood Risk, Grange Crescent

The ongoing flooding problem in Grange Crescent has been addressed.

Road Lining, Main Street, Tickton

It has been confirmed that the road lining around the bus stop will be completed this year.

 Planning Enforcement Issues

There have been two ‘live items during the month.  First is the building at Corporation Farm which is still awaiting the receipt of a valid planning application.  The second relates to Cherry Tree Barn where East Riding have confirmed that all work done is consistent with that required within the Conservation Area

Community Emergency Plans

The Community Emergency Planning team are to attend the November meeting to discuss Community Emergency Plans.


Notification has been received that the applicants have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate regarding the outcome of this application.

Junior Ground Force

The litter bin was installed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and an order placed for the grass to be cut.


East Riding are aware of the recurring issue

Next Agenda

A number of carry forward items left out.  Next month terms of reference will be brought back and there will be a meeting of the recreation trust to consider the playgroup request and review the memorandum of agreement for Tickton AFC.


Items raised with Ward Councillor Pollard were the continued complaints regarding the road surface on Green Lane; the encroachment issue onto St Paul’s Amenity Area and the cutting of the Public Rights of Way in the parish and the grass verge at Routh.  A request was also made that East Riding of Yorkshire Council consider proposals made by Weel residents that would ultimately improve the welfare of the tethered horses on Weel Road.


The police report and the verbal report of Neighbourhood Watch were noted.  This included an instruction to report any car seen speeding through the village to the police non-emergency number 101.


Planning Decisions

 15/01155/PLF – Retention of single storey extension to rear and bay window to the front at 40 Green Lane Tickton HU17 9RH for Mrs S Houston

Permission is granted

 15/01902/VAR – Removal of Condition 14 (11/03795 – Erection of 4 Dwellings) to allow for amended flood proofing techniques to be used at Workshop 2 Butt Lane Tickton HU17 9SF for Dixon Brothers Ltd

Permission is granted

 Planning Applications

15/02297/PLF – Installation of separate package sewage treatment works for number 1 and number 2 Pumping Station Cottages at Pumping Station Cottages Main Street Tickton for Environment Agency- Full Planning Permission

Resolved – No objection or comment is made

 15/02437/OUT – Erection of 2 replacement dwellings following demolition of 2 existing dwellings (Access, Layout and Scale to be considered) at 1 and 2 Weel Road Tickton East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9RY for Mr Stewart – Outline Planning Permission

Resolved – Whilst the parish council now have no objection to the demolition of the existing building and support an application to replace these buildings in principle there are concerns about the location of the planned redevelopment in these outline plans. The siting of the buildings does not utilise the existing site but builds on land which is agricultural land and not part of the garden of the existing property. In agreement with the Internal Drainage Board and the Environment Agency it is believed this area will prove to be a very difficult and risky area to build on. Any approval given to this outline application must make it clear that future plans must address all issues raised by the Internal Drainage Boards and the Environment Agency and that a full scoping study for Bats must be completed.

 15/02732/PLF – Erection of single storey extension following demolition of conservatory and installation of two dormer windows at 49A Main Street Tickton East Riding Of Yorkshire HU17 9RZ for Mr Steven Turner –  Full Planning Permission

Resolved – Approval should be subject to satisfaction that all planned exterior surfacing is of propriety porous or permeable type and that attenuation plans are in place to reduce the impact of surface water run off as this area is a known flood risk area. Consideration should be given as to how to increase the privacy of neighbours as both dormer windows will create an overlooking issue into other properties nearby.

 15/02762/TPO – TPO100, TICKTON 1994 A1: Cherry; Remove stem growing over neighbouring property and crown thin by 20%, Whitebeam; crown thin  by 20-25%, Cherry; remove due to overcrowding, Birch; crown thin by 10%, Pine, thin by 10-15% at Larches Chestnut Mews Tickton East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9TD for Mr Mark Ledingham – Works to Protected Trees

Resolved – No comment is made


Financial Commentary

The financial report to the end of August was presented.

Resolved: The financial position is noted.  Approval is given to transfer £40 from the contingency to pay additional cost of the Jubilee Window.  Approval is also given for Councillors Lenton and Wells to attend ‘Being a Good Councillor Course’ and for the purchase of 3 wreaths for Remembrance Day. The bank reconciliation at end of August is noted


Tickton Village Hall

Resolved: £20 room hire

Mr Brice  

Resolved: £189.82 salary

 Mrs Lloyd

Resolved: £1047.45 salary and £60.28 re-imbursement of expenses


Resolved: £352.40 PAYE

 Norman Harrap

Resolved: £756.00 Jubilee Window Stained Glass

 PR Latus Joinery

Resolved: £920.00 Jubilee Window Frame

 Payments made under Financial Regulations 6(d) and 7(b)

Mr Brice 

Resolved: Payment of £322.20 Salary and £9.20 re-imbursement noted


An update was given on the Routh Wind Farm Community Fund Annual Review held in July.  Councillor Part Ablett from Leven is now the Chair of the decision making panel and Councillor Wells the Vice Chair. East Riding support to the panel would in future be provided by Ms Laura Burley not Ms Karen Wood. The administrative support provided by East Riding of Yorkshire Council which the fund currently pays for, will be subject to a review by the panel in July 2016.  At this meeting the panel agreed to extend membership from 7 to 9 representatives and asked for an additional nomination from the Parish Council of a non- councillor.  Potential candidates were discussed

Resolved: The clerk will write to those nominated and ask if they would be willing to become a member of the Panel.  Responses will be brought back to the next meeting and a decision made.


‘That the PC considers applying for listed building status for Tickton Lodge’            Cllr Oliver

Resolved:  This motion is not approved

‘That the PC considers erecting appropriate fencing around Weel Common Land’                  Cllr Prescott

Resolved:  This motion is deferred until further information is available about whether this would be appropriate.

‘‘That the PC acknowledges the contribution made by the Jubilee Window competition  winner’                 Cllr T Walker

Resolved:  This motion is approved

‘‘That the PC purchase a Commonwealth Flag to be flown on Commonwealth Day with a Raising the Flag event at Routh which is duly publicised within the Parish’      Cllr Wells

An amended motion was proposed by Councillor Morris “That Routh Church submit a community fund application to purchase the flag”.

Resolved:  The alternative motion is approved

‘That the PC considers the purchase of the automated external defibrillator’        Cllr Webster

Resolved:  This motion is approved and the purchase of a defibrillator will be discussed at a future meeting.

 There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35 pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 19 October 2015.