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28 June 2016

Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 28 June 2016

Present:                     Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

                                    Councillors Caley; Oliver; Morris; N  Walker; Webster

Apologies                  Councillors Greenwood: T Walker; Wells

 Absent:                      Councillors Lenton; Prescott

Public:                        No members of the public attended

Minute Taker             Mrs C Lloyd -clerk


There were no members of the public present

 There were no declarations of interest.

The clerk handed in a letter of resignation after the last ordinary meeting on 20 June, which according to the terms of her contract becomes effective after one month on 20 July, which is after the next ordinary meeting on 18 July 2016.

Resolved: Clerk will contact ERNLCCA and SLCCA to ask them to publicise the vacancy.  A notice will be displayed on village noticeboards, on the village website and on the Facebook page ‘All about Tickton’.  The clerk will contact ERVAS to ask them if they can provide temporary cover.  The clerk and Cllr N Walker will meet to complete a job description and person specification for the role.

 There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm.  The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 18 July 2016 at 7.30pm