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21 May 2012

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 21 May, 2012

Present:                      Councillor Morris (in the Chair)

                                    Councillors Caley, Harbidge, Hardy, Oliver, Sinkler, A Walker, N Walker, Webster, Wells


Apologies:                  Councillor Dobson


In Attendance:            Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)

Public:             There were 2 members of the public present



Before the meeting started the Chairman expressed his sadness at the news of the death of the son of ex Councillor Norton and the death of John Charles Ellerington.





The Parish Council discussed nominations for Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish Council for the next 12 months The Councillors expressly thanked the current Chairman for his effort and contribution in the previous 12 months. The clerk was also thanked by the current Chairman for her support.


Resolved – Councillor Morris is re-elected as Chairman and Councillor Sinkler is re-elected as Vice Chairman.  Both declare their acceptance of office.





Councillor Oliver declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 9b, (minute 21b refers) as a member of the Village Hall Committee; Councillor Morris declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 9b (minute 21b refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee; Councillor Sinkler and Councillor Casey declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 9d (minute 21d refers) as members of the Routh Parochial Church Council; Councillor Wells declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 9d (minute 21d refers) as his wife is Churchwarden of All Saints’ Church, Routh; Councillor T Walker and N Walker declared a prejudicial interest in agenda item 11 (minute 23 refers) as part owners of Artillery on Tour





A member of the public fed back about the current condition of the land behind the Nag’s Head and its continued occupation contrary to planning permission.





Resolved – The minutes of 16 April 2012 are signed as a true and correct record.




War Memorial

Councillor Morris and Councillor Dobson had met with the resident on site to view the state of the trees surrounding the war memorial. They agreed that the existing trees need to come out and be replaced .  Advice has been sought about suitable replanting and cost.


Beacon Lighting Times

Confirmation had been received that the official time to light both beacons was 10.15 p.m. A risk assessment still needed completion for the Weel beacon.  Insurance for all events including both beacons and the fireworks had been sought and would be discussed as part of item 10.


Chairman’s Awards

At the recent award ceremony our nomination in the Sports Award – Talented Performer Category – Kyle Edmund was successful


Ridge Wind Community Fund

Work undertaken by the steering group was progressing well.  A solicitor had been contacted who was putting together a programme of work including costings.





No ward councillor was present but the clerk would contact them to ask for advice regarding the adoption of the Beeches and the occupation of land behind the nags head contrary to planning permission.





Crime Figures:

No report had been received for May.  The clerk is to write to PC Turrell to request this information.



20                    PLANNING


Planning and Appeal Decisions:


This application is refused planning permission.  The reasons given matched those submitted by the Parish Council.



This application is granted planning permission



This application is granted planning permission



This application is granted planning permission on appeal but costs were not awarded



Planning Application


Resolved –   The Parish Council recommend that if the application is approved the following condition is imposed:




Resolved –   The Parish Council recommend that if the application is approved the following condition is imposed:



East Riding Local Development Framework


The Parish Council reviewed the response to East Riding of Yorkshire Core Strategy – Further Consultation document


Resolved – The content of this document is noted 



21            FINANCE


Financial Statement

Slight amendments needed to be made to the Base Budget approved at the last meeting to ensure a budget of £1200 for litter bins and a VAT refund of £2,085


Resolved – The amendments are approved




Tickton Village Hall

Resolved – To pay £12.00 room hire


Mr Little

Resolved – To pay £57.60 salary


Mr Brice – Deferred

Resolved – To pay £115.20 for salary and £28.92 expenses


Mr Wright

Resolved – To pay £40.00 internal audit fee


The next 3 items were deferred until after agenda item 11 (minute refers)


Broker Network Ltd

Resolved – To pay £1137.84 insurance premium


Mr Sables

Resolved – To pay £300.00 for Barn Dance Entertainment


H Turney White

Resolved – To pay £45.00 for printing


Annual Return and Supporting Documentation

The content of the internal auditors report and the report on the annual governance statement were noted.


Resolved – The content of the accounting statements and the annual governance report is approved, and can be signed by the Chairman.



Parish Community Fund

(Councillors Caley, Wells and Sinkler left the room at this stage)


All Saints Church Routh


A request had been received from All Saints’ Church, Routh for the Parish Council to be made aware that the new church gate was likely to cost £1,850 and not £1,400 as expected due to the requirement to provide hedging and additional fencing.   A condition of the original approval was that no additional funds could be sought by All Saints’ Church Routh until after February 2013.


Resolved – Included in the precept is £250 for the upkeep of the Churchyard grounds.  This is to be added to the £1,400 as a contribution to the additional funding.

(Councillors Caley, Wells and Sinkler returned to the room at this stage)


Tickton Pre-School


An application form and a letter requesting funding had been received from the Pre-School to purchase mats and sun canopy for the outside area.


Resolved – As the application lacked some detail and supporting documentation a decision on the level of financial support is deferred until this is received but the project is supported in principle.





The existing insurance arrangement comes to an end on 31 May 2012.  Market Testing had resulted in a much cheaper quotation from an alternative provider which actually provided a better level of cover and would cover all the jubilee events.  The company offered a one year deal or a discounted three year deal


Resolved – The alternative three year deal is to be purchased



23            JUBILEE EVENTS  


As the cost of the Barn Dance was now to be met from ticket sales, and the amplification system is no longer required the Parish Council were asked to consider an alternative request for funding for prizes, fireworks, publicity and miscellaneous expenditure as well as the original funding for the travel expenses of Artillery on Tour which amounted to the same £800 in total as already approved.  Discussion also took place about the governance arrangements for the Event.


Resolved – It is agreed that the Jubilee Committee is a sub-committee of the Parish Council and that Parish Council employees can spend their time on the event as requested by the Jubilee Committee.  The financial instructions for the event are approved.  The budget of £800 is approved with any under spending and the income from events to be used by the Parish Council to purchase a lasting memorial of the Jubilee within the Parish.





The annual review of standing orders and financial regulations highlighted that no real amendments were required at this time although an amendment would probably be required when the new code of conduct became operational.


Resolved – The existing standing orders and financial regulations are approved until the end of the financial year unless external circumstances required an earlier amendment.





Every Parish Council is required to adopt a new code of conduct based on the Nolan Principles which must include the declaration of pecuniary interests and the maintenance of a register of members’ interests.  Parish Councils are encouraged to adopt ERYC code.  Councillor Caley expressed his opposition to the need for pecuniary interests of spouses to be displayed on the internet which is a requirement of the new code


Resolved – Tickton and Routh Parish Council will adopt the model code developed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  A letter is to be sent to Graham Stuart to express opposition to the requirements of this Act.





The Church had requested the use of the Playing Field on 21 June for sports events for the Youth Kaf.  They would undertake their own risk assessment and provide insurance cover.


Resolved – Approval is given



There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.00 pm. The next ordinary meeting was scheduled for 18 June 2012.