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8 December 2014

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 8 December 2014



Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley; Dobson; Hardy; Lenton; Oliver; Webster; Wells

Councillors A Walker and N Walker for agenda items 6 and 8b onwards (minutes 93 and 95b onwards refer)


Apologies:               Councillor Morris


Absent:                     No-one


In Attendance:        Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)


Public:                       There were no members of the public present.






There were no members of the public present.


Councillor Oliver declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 8c and 15 (minutes 95 and 102 refer) as a member of the Village Hall Management Committee.


90    MINUTES 

Resolved: The minutes of the meeting on 17 November 2014 are signed as a true and correct record.




The clerk updated on the following

Cycle Path Improvements and Signage

According to East Riding of Yorkshire Council the cycle path at Swinemoor will not be compromised by current works.  Routes will all join up. Sustrans who administer the national cycle routes have been involved in the project and are happy with progress.



The ward councillor was unable to attend, and no matters were raised.



Recent reports from the police and neighbourhood watch were discussed.

Councillor T Walker reported back from a meeting he attended with the Chief Constable as a result of his role with Neighbourhood Watch which reported that the nature of local policing is to change.  There will still be a station in Beverley although it may be in a different location and it will not be manned in the same way as the existing station.  Police will be expected to be out and about and not at the station.  The main stations will be in Hull, Bridlington and Goole. There will be a named officer and PCSO for every community but in the event of an emergency it will be the nearest available officer that will respond.  Councillors discussed these comments and the recent report ‘The future of Humberside Police’ and its potential effect on residents of the parish.

Resolved: The content of all reports is notedA letter is to be sent to the Chief Constable of Humberside Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner to state that:

 ‘Tickton and Routh Parish Council is against the cuts contained in the report ‘The Future of Humberside Police’ and are concerned that local authorities and local communities have not been consulted on the proposed changes which ait is felt have been pushed through at breakneck speed

Tickton and Routh Parish Council has lost all confidence in the Police and Crime Commissioner.’


Planning Decisions

Ref 14/03061/PLF – Change of use of land to permit the siting of touring caravans and tents for holiday use together with the erection of  a shower/toilet amenity block at land south east of High Farm Main Road Routh for Mr P Northgrave

Permission is approved with conditions which includes completion of agreed improvements to vehicular access to site and widening of Main Road to include a right turn holding lane before site is brought into use.

95    FINANCE 

Financial Commentary

The clerk presented the outturn report at the end of November.  This formed the basis of the precept planning paper for 2015/6.  Information on the NJC new pay scales from 1 January 2015 and the non-consolidated payment for December were given

Resolved: The financial situation is noted. Approval is given for the clerk to raise cheques for Mr Brice, Tickton Village Hall, HMRC and Getextra before the next meeting under delegated powers. The new pay rate for the clerk from 1 January 2015 was approved and the non-consolidated payment for December which will be added to the March quarterly payment.   A budget adjustment of £45 from contingency to cover increased cost of clerk in current year is approved.


Mr C Lloyd

Resolved: To pay £992.00 salary, and £32.74 re-imbursement.


Funding Request from Village Hall

A request had been received from the Village Hall Committee for the Parish Council to consider precepting a contribution towards the cost of the Village Hall re-roofing project which it is hoped will be able to start in the summer of 2015.  Currently funds have been raised of approximately £55,000 against an estimated cost of £71,400.  Responses are pending on two recent grant applications requesting sums of up to £10,000 from each.

Resolved: The precept will not be increased to contribute funds to the Village Hall re-roofing.  It would be wrong to increase the cost to residents when it is unclear as to whether funds will be available from external grants already applied for which if paid in full would cover the anticipated shortfall.  Additionally, potential funding may be available from Routh Wind Farm Community Fund. 

However, the current balance of the Parish Council’s Community Fund of £680 will be paid over to the Village Hall to use for the re-roofing project and the Parish Council would request that the Village Hall make a further request for funding from the Parish Council’s Community Fund in 2015/6 once the extent of money raised from grants is established.


2015/16 Precept

 A budget forecast for the year 2015/6 was considered and the implications of various combinations of budget; precept; Band D property rate and unallocated reserve were discussed.  

Resolved: A provisional budget of £42,400 is set for 2015/6, with final figures to be confirmed in March 2014.  This will be financed by demanding a precept of £25,428 with the balance being funded from reserves, miscellaneous income and an anticipated VAT refund.  As a result the rate for Band D properties is maintained at £40.31 for another year.

The Chairman and clerk are requested to complete the local precept demand form on behalf of the Parish Council



Feedback was given on the recent meeting of the Leven working party. To date an application had not been received for a replacement to the current scheme.

Resolved: The leaflets from Leven working party would be distributed in Tickton and Routh with an invitation to a public meeting upon notification of the receipt of a valid application.



A report had been prepared by East Riding Council and Hull City Council in partnership with the Environment Agency, Beverley and North Holderness Drainage Board and Yorkshire Water on plans to improve drainage and manage flood risk in the River Hull Valley which includes parish of Tickton and Routh.  An open day on the report had been attended by Councillors Sinkler and Wells.

Resolved: In response to the document a letter is to be sent that states the following:

Tickton and Routh Parish Council believe that action must be taken to minimise the potential for flooding in the River Hull Valley and this action must be co-ordinated so that all five flood risk authorities are working together to maximise effectiveness and minimise risk.  Therefore support is given for actions to be taken as a ‘do nothing’ approach cannot be supported.  However, the following comments are made on each of the eight component parts of the preferred approach.

 As adequate funding is key to the success of this strategy and to alleviating risk in the long term it is suggested that actions should be taken to ensure all land and property pay drainage rates and that these are be paid over to the Local Drainage Boards.



 East Riding of Yorkshire Council are currently preparing the next Local Transport Plan which is due to come into effect on 1 April 2015.  They have a draft plan out for consultation which sets out their strategies and policies.

Resolved: No comment is made on this document at this time



East Riding of Yorkshire Council have asked the Parish Council to complete a questionnaire on dealing with traveller and gypsy encampments on unauthorised land in the East Riding  which includes questions on the need for them to have greater powers to stop frequent and unlawful access of Council and private land.  The questionnaire also asks for views on the Police and Crime Commissioner’s proposal for gypsy and traveller transit sites across the area which would have water, sanitation and power facilities and asks Parish Councils to identify any potential sites.

Resolved: A response is sent to record that there have been some limited unauthorised traveller and gypsy stopovers in Tickton and Routh this summer, particularly around the time of Appelby Horse Fair, however the Parish Council is unaware whether any action was necessary to move the travellers on.  The Parish Council do not support the provision of gypsy and traveller transit camps or stop over sites in the Parish and have no suitable locations to suggest.



Nominations for Chairman’s Awards were required by 31 January 2015.

Resolved:  This item is deferred until the next meeting.  Any Councillor wishing to propose a nomination must bring sufficient evidence to the meeting to complete the forms.



Financial support was sought to purchase seed for the wild flower verges.  Volunteers will need to mark out areas, prepare the soil and plant the seed.  East Riding of Yorkshire Council will spray the areas and will cut when required in the future.

Resolved: The Parish Council will purchase the seed.



A request had been received from the Village Hall Committee for the Parish Council to provide or fund signs for the Village Hall Car Park to indicate that overflow car parking is available at the Cullington Field to discourage drivers from parking on Main Street.

Resolved: The Parish Council will purchase two signs.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10 pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council was scheduled for 19 January 2015.