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10 February 2014

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 10 February 2014


Councillor Sinkler (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley, Hardy, Lenton, Morris, Oliver, A Walker, Webster, Wells



Councillors Dobson, N Walker


In Attendance:       

Mrs Lloyd – Clerk (minute taker)

Ward Councillor Bradley Birmingham for agenda item 6 and item 10 (minutes 121 and 125 refer)



There were no members of the public present.




Councillor  Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 9b, (minutes 124 refers),  as Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee; Councillor Oliver  declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda 9b (minutes 124 refers) as a member  of the Village Hall Management




There were no  members of the public present




Resolved – The minutes of 20 January  2014 are signed as a true and correct record.


120       CLERKS  REPORT


The clerk  updated the council on the following items:


Bus  Shelter Installation

The  shelter was now in place and being used.  All comments received to date had been favourable.  East Riding of Yorkshire Council had moved  the stop sign.  The manufacturer had  given advice regarding maintenance.


Wild  Flower Verges in Tickton

East  Riding of Yorkshire Council had agreed to the sites and would now arrange  seeding


Planning  Enforcement Issue

East Riding had confirmed that no  action would be taken regarding the static caravan at Alma Cottage as it was  occupied by a family member.


DCM  Surfaces

There has still be no response from  DCM surfaces regarding the repair to the safety surface in GL Cullington Field  which is still under guarantee.  This  will be an agenda item next month.


Noticeboard  at Routh

The handyman would make a new  noticeboard for Routh.


Community  Payback

The identified task had now been  successfully completed.




Items raised  included the pollution of the drain at Weel, flooding of the cycle path near  Hull Farm Routh and damage to the Main road at Routh by the JCB’s working on  the cycle path.  A request was also made  for East Riding of Yorkshire Council to put pressure on the Environment Agency  to dredge the river, and for support regarding the repair under guarantee of  the safety surface in GL Cullington Field.





The reports  from the police and neighbourhood watch were noted.



123       PLANNING


Planning Decisions


Ref 13/03960/VAR – Variation of Condition 11  (approved plans), Condition 3 (hedgerow and tree protection), Condition 7  (finished floor levels) of planning permission 13/00585/PLF – Change to House  Design at Land East of 7 Main Street Tickton East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9SH  for Mr and Mrs Bill Easterby.

Permission was granted


Ref 13/03456/PLF – Erection of two storey  extension at side at Ryecote House Main Street Routh East Riding of Yorkshire HU17  9SL for Mr Peter Burgess

Permission was refused


Planning  Applications


Ref 13/04098/PLF – Change of use of premises  for the day care of up to 6 dogs (maximum 2 dogs at night) and change of use of  fields for the use as dog exercise areas and use of training paddock for  teaching dog training (Retrospective Application) at 6 North View Weel East  Riding of Yorkshire HU17 0SG for Ms Ruth Bryant

Resolved – A condition should be  requested that the separate access should be maintained at all times to avoid  vehicular parking in front of the cottages.


Listed uilding Status for Telephone Box on Main Street Tickton

A request to clean and repair the red  telephone on Main Street had been actioned by BT.  They also agreed to paint the box sometime  this year.  It emerged that the box was  the type that could be listed and if listed BT would be obliged to maintain and  clean it on a regular basis.  Without  listing this was discretionary and only on request.  Listing would require an application being  made for consideration.

Resolved – An application is to be made subject to it  being at nil cost.


East Riding Local Plan – Proposed Submission  Documents

The proposed submission strategy document and  the proposed submission allocations document have been published for consultation prior to submission to the Secretary of State.  At this stage the Parish Council can only  make representation in relation to legal compliance, soundness of the documents  and the duty to co-operate

Resolved – No observations are made on  this consultation



124       FINANCE


Financial Statement


The  financial report to end of January was presented to the Parish Council and the  forecast year end expenditure was noted.

Resolved – The  financial report was noted and the amendment to budget for the bus shelter  grant was approved.  Approval was given  for Cllr Wells to attend the member development seminar at a cost of £35 plus  VAT




Tickton  Village Hall

Payment deferred.

Mr Brice

Resolved – To pay £99.20  salary and £120.65 on plants


Wicksteed  Leisure Ltd

Resolved – To pay  £196.61 for Playground Replacement Parts

PR Latus Joinery

Resolved  – To pay £5,330.00 for Bus Shelter


Broker Network Ltd

Resolved  – To pay £25.00 Insurance Premium





A Weel  resident reported that waste from the recycling site was being deposited into  freshwater drains in Weel.  East Riding  of Yorkshire Council and the Environment Agency were contacted.  East Riding Officers met with the contractor
who runs the site and sub-contractor responsible for clearing the water – and  as a result ERYC gully team will clear the drain and remove any debris as a  matter of urgency, with a promise that this action would not be repeated.  The Environment Agency also investigated and  it is believed they have concluded the licence holder had breached the licence conditions and enforcement action will be taken against them.

Resolved  – Information is requested on when  the drain repair will be done.  The  suitability of the site and information on plans for an alternative site are to be raised again with East Riding of Yorkshire Council



A  discussion took place as to the content of a strategy for replacement of the current playground equipment and surfaces.

Resolved – A draft  strategy based on the points raised is to be brought to the next meeting




Consideration  was given to potential nominees for this year’s Chairman’s Awards.

Resolved – Emily Robinson is nominated for the  Chairman’s Sports Award – Talented Performer Category for her badminton achievements over the past twelve months which have resulted in her being  currently ranked Yorkshire No 2 in singles,  doubles and mixed at under 15.





East Riding of Yorkshire Council had received an application for Wawne Parish to be  designated a Neighbourhood Area as the first stage in preparing a Neighbourhood  Plan.

Resolved – No  observations are made on this proposed Neighbourhood Area





The  Jubilee Committee recommended that the funds raised should be used to replace the top light in the Methodist Chapel with a stained glass window with a  Jubilee theme.  A competition to design the glass will be held.  Approval had
been obtained for this from the Methodist Ministry.

Resolved – Quotations  for the manufacture of the top light will be obtained.



There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm. The next ordinary meeting was  scheduled for 17 March 2014.