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13 July 2015

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Tickton and Routh Parish Council held in Tickton Village Hall, on Monday 13 July 2015



Councillor Morris (in the Chair)

Councillors Caley; Lenton; A Walker; N Walker; Webster; Wells

Councillors Greenwood; Prescott from agenda item 5 (minute 37 refers) and Councillor Oliver for agenda items 1 to 12 and item 15 (minutes 35 to 44 and minute 47 refer)


Councillor Sinkler



In Attendance:       

Mr J Greenwood; Mrs A Prescott; for agenda item 4 (minute 36 refers)

Ward Councillor Pollard for agenda items to 8 (minutes to 40 refer)

 Miss G Oliver; Miss   H Oliver; Miss E Redman for agenda item 15 (minute 47 refers)                                


There were three members of the public present



No items were raised in the public forum 



Councillor Oliver declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 11b (minute 43 refers) as an employee of the Village Hall, and a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 12 (minute 44 refers) as a member of Routh Wind Farm Decision Making Panel and agenda item 15 (minute 47 refers as a relative of two of those making the request. Councillor Morris declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda items 11b (minute 43 refers) as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, and 10b (minute 42b refers) as a relative of the applicants



Councillors were given the opportunity to discuss the two applications to become co-opted members for Tickton Parish

Resolved: Mr Greenwood and Mrs Prescott are elected with a majority of votes



Councillors Greenwood and Prescott declared their acceptance of office and took their seats at the table.



Resolved:  The minutes of the meeting of 15 June 2015 are signed as a true and correct record.



Planning Enforcement Issues

Currently there are two on-going enforcement issues that the Parish Council have referred to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  The first concerned the re-instated field gate at the strip of land near the Nags Head which has now been removed; the second is the additional outbuildings on Corporation Farm Cottage which will now be the subject of a retrospective planning application.


Tickton Pre-School and Play Pals Request to Site Allotment on Tickton Play Field

Currently there is nothing to report as no response has been received to date from the Charity Commission regarding the originating document.


Horses Tethered at Weel

ERYC had confirmed they are not the owners of the land the horses have been tethered on and power to request removal resides with landowner who have yet to be identifiedIn the meantime the grass has been cut and the horses are no longer there.


FOI request to Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Yorkshire Ambulance Service have responded to FOI request by asking for more information, which has now been supplied.


Hull Bridge Noticeboard

Previous meeting approved a replacement noticeboard in principle but reserved a decision on site and type of noticeboard to a future meeting.  As yet no action has been taken to move this forward



Items raised with Ward Councillor Pollard were the bus stop marking and the cost of tidying up after litter tipping.


Councillor Pollard had obtained the following responses to items that had been raised in previous meetings.


Surface Dressing 2015

The surface dressing on Green Lane has been inspected and no remedial work will be undertaken at this time although they will dust the areas of concern in the cul de sac turning areas where there has been some chipping which has caused black marks and monitor the whole site.


Councillors felt this response was unacceptable as it had deteriorated further


Public Right of Way in Weel

The contractor has now cut the grass in the right of way.  Planings will be considered but may be too expensive



 Neighbourhood Policing

A response was received from Inspector Mark Coulthard to the query regarding the lack of contact from local officers He named the two PCSOs that cover the Beverley Rural Area as Sarah Freer and Michael Fowler although other staff may also be involved depending on availability.  All future invitations to attend meetings will be sent to Inspector Coulthard.  His response stated that PCSO Freer would contact me and updated crime figures.  No contact had been made to date and no statistics received.

 Other Items

The verbal report of Neighbourhood Watch was noted that included theft of an honesty box and a petrol mower and information regarding the police media vehicle that will be visiting the parish on 25 July.  It will be stopping in Routh at 11.15 am, Tickton at 12 noon and Weel at 2 pm to give out shed alarms, mark property and give advice. 



Planning Decisions

No decisions had been received since the last meeting

 Planning Applications

15/01902/VAR – Removal of Condition 14 (11/03795 – Erection of 4 Dwellings) to allow for amended flood proofing techniques to be used at Workshop 2 Butt Lane Tickton HU17 9SF for Dixon Brothers Ltd

Resolved – No comments are made



Financial Commentary

The first financial report of the current financial year was presented.

Resolved: The financial position is noted.  Permission is given to the clerk to pay Mr Brice; Tickton Village Hall; the External Auditors and any other urgent payment under delegated authority before the next meeting should this become necessary.

The letters of thanks from the Village Hall Committee and All Saints Church Routh are noted



Tickton Village Hall

Deferred as invoice not received

Mr Brice  

Deferred as timesheet and claim form not received


Payments made under Financial Regulations 6(d) and 7(b)

Mr Wright 

Resolved: Payment of £40 Internal Audit Fee noted


Resolved: Payment of £35 for Renewal of Registration noted



The Terms of Reference for the working committee were discussed based on the resolution and membership agreed at the last meeting.

Resolved: Based on the discussion at the meeting the clerk and Councillor Walker will amend the draft terms of reference for final approval at the next meeting of the Parish Council.  In the meantime the work of the group will continue based on the agreed outline



 ERYC had asked the Parish Council to consider writing an emergency plan and would help create it based on their questionnaire.

Resolved:  An invitation is to be extended to the Emergency Planning Team at ERYC to attend a future meeting of the Parish Council.



Although the grass was being cut by Stay Smart there was no contract in place despite the clerk contacting the contractor by e-mail and text.

Resolved:  A letter is to be hand delivered to Staysmart which outlines the specification and the price expected for this years’ service and which allows them 14 days to respond.



Members of the Junior Groundforce who were taking part in the Lifestyle 2015 attended the meeting to feedback on the progress of their project to create a picnic area on Carr Lane.  To date the path had been widened, an area created for the siting of a picnic bench and an area had been seeded for wild flowers. They had also raised over £120 towards the cost of the picnic area.  One issue they had identified was the need for a litter bin to ensure the area is kept litter free.  They asked that the Parish Council to approve the siting of an additional litter bin in this area.

Resolved:  Junior Groundforce were praised for their efforts and it is agreed that there is a need for a litter bin in this area.  The clerk, with the support of the ward councillor, will approach East Riding of Yorkshire Council to gain their agreement to the siting and emptying of a litter bin in this area and to try and get them to part fund it.


There being no further business the meeting closed 9.45 pm. The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for 21 September 2015.