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Current Consultations

The Parish Council are now unable to hold virtual meetings.  In accordance with S101 of the 1972 Local Government Act the Parish Council has resolved a temporary scheme of delegation that provides authority to the Clerk for making decisions on behalf of the Council.  Once restrictions have been lifted meetings will be held in person in the Village Hall.


Planning Applications submitted to the Parish Council for consideration:

Please click on the link below to view the relevant application (if the link returns an error on the first attempt, please click on it again and it will open on the application).


The Parish Council will consider any comments the Parish Council receives in writing/email by [] in its response to application []. Interested parties should, as a matter of course, send any comments directly to the Planning Officer at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 


Please click on this link for further details on the Planning Process.


Planning Applications awaiting a decision by East Riding of Yorkshire Council:

20/03720/STPLF – Land North Of East Riding Community Hospital, Swinemoor Lane, Beverley – Erection of a petrol filling station and associated convenience store (Sui Generis), 2 drive thru units (Class E), associated infrastructure, 171 parking spaces and landscaping (AMENDED PLANS)

T&RPC Comments: The Parish Council strongly object and call in for consideration by the Committee for the following reasons;

a) an additional petrol station in view of the move towards electric vehicles and based on the approved application near Lidl and the proximity of existing provisions on Holme Church Lane and,

b) additional drive through coffee and fast food in light of McDonalds and the pre-approved outlets on the Lidl site.

20/04277/PLF – Land East Of 1 River View, Weel Road, Weel – Change of use of garden for the siting of a shepherds hut for use as holiday accommodation (retrospective)

T&RPC Comments: Object due to;
1. Does not satisfy S4 as it does not respect the character of its surroundings – proximity to neighbouring dwellings and the host property.
2. EC2 It does not constitute sustainable development as tourist accommodation as there are no facilities within Weel and travel to nearest tourist area and shops could not safely be achieved by foot or cycle. There is no public transport. The unit is placed in too close a proximity to neighbouring properties and their environs which would detrimentally effect the character of the area.
3. Parking issues – there is insufficient land to accommodate parking for the host property as well as the holiday let. On street parking is not considered appropriate in this location.
4. Drainage issues. The land borders an area susceptible to surface water flooding – without appropriate mitigation this development could worsen the situation. The proposed disposal of foul waste from the unit is inadequate – the occupier of the host property would suffer further intrusion from this waste being dealt with.

20/04277/PLF Land East Of 1 River View  Weel Road – Change of use of garden for the siting of a shepherds hut for use as holiday accommodation (retrospective) (AMENDED PLANS NEW RED LINE) 

T&RPC Comments: Previous comments apply.

21/00457/PLF – 280 Hull Bridge Road – Erection of a dwelling with detached garage 

T&RPC Comments: Object due to scale and strongly suggest that the plans are checked to ensure that there is sufficient access to the garage without infringing on neighbouring properties. If approved, conditions to include suitable water attenuation plans to mitigate the impact of surface water run-off, soakaways and suitable water treatment plant.

21/00457/PLF – 280 Hull Bridge Road, Tickton – Erection of a dwelling with detached garage (AMENDED PLANS).

T&RPC Comments: No objections. If approved, the Parish Council recommend that ERYC include the following conditions;

  1. the garage to remain ancillary to property, not habitable.
  2. a revised flood risk assessment should be requested as that submitted with the application is out of date following the EA flood risk zone being revised, as the whole garage area is in Flood Risk Zone 3.
  3. to provide full sustainable drainage plans dealing with water on site without impacting neighbours or environs as per land drainage comment.

21/01409/REM – Land South Of Avalon, Butt Lane, Tickton                            Erection of 2 dwellings following Outline permission 19/03930/OUT (Appeal Reference APP/E2001/W/20/3259415) (Layout, Access, Scale, Appearance and Landscaping to be considered.

T&RPC Comments: Strongly object and call in;
– Over development of the overall plot based on the footprint and height of each proposed dwelling.
– Risk of flooding from drainage and surface water. The Parish Council strongly recommend that ERYC consider the Land Drainage Team comments submitted to the original application (19/0390/PLF).

If approved, the following conditions be adopted;
– The build be restricted to single storey dwellings of a similar size to Avalon in order to balance the development area.
– To include suitable water attenuation plans to mitigate the impact of surface water run-off owing to the fragile state of the drainage systems within the village.
– The entire run of dykes be cleaned and continue to be maintained.
– Limit the building site start times as not to create a noise nuisance to households in the locality.
– Limit the workforce to park at Avalon as there is very little room to park on Green Lane and Butt Lane.
– Limit the delivery times of plant, machinery and materials to site as not to conflict with school arrival and departure times.
– The Parish Council supports the preservation of trees and fully supports the Tree Officers recommendations regarding the tree and landscaping scheme.

21/01509/PLF – 8 Churchfields, Tickton – Erection of a two storey extension rear.

T&RPC Comments:   No objections.  If approved, the Parish Council recommend that ERYC include the following conditions;

  1. suitable water attenuation plans to mitigate the impact of surface water run-off
  2. the north facing 1st floor window should be opaque glass to protect neighbour privacy.

21/01736/PLF – Luanda, 14 Butt Lane, Tickton – Erection of a single storey extension to side and rear following partial demolition of existing garage; erection of a detached garage to rear and installation of 2 roof lights to side facing roof slope.

T&RPC Comments:   No objections.  If approved, the Parish Council recommend that ERYC include the following conditions;

  1. to undertake a flood risk assessment due to the development being in Flood Risk Zone 3. 
  2. suitable water attenuation plans including soakaways to mitigate the impact of surface water run-off as a result of the additional non-permeable surface taken up by the new garage
  3. the garage to remain ancillary to property, not habitable.

21/01899/PLF – Lutea, 12 Butt Lane, Tickton – Construction of dormer windows to front and rear and erection of a single storey extensions to front, side and rear.

T&RPC Comments: The PC draw the Planning Officers attention to;
1. A potential error in the location plan. The boundary on the plan is incorrect; a piece of land to the South of ‘Langhus’, Butt Lane is within the ownership of ‘Lutea’ and is not shown on the location plan.
2. The impact of the re-alignment of the property; the new plan has rotated the property so that the proposed bedroom windows will overlook properties to the east and west.

If ERYC approve the application, the PC recommend the following condition;
1. The proposed development substantially increases the footprint of the property. Therefore, suitable mitigation for water attenuation should be carefully considered. The parish is located in the EAs Flood Zone Rating level 3 and Butt Lane is at high risk of surface water flooding. Consideration may be given to the use of SUDs.


Planning Application Appeals to be considered by the Planning Inspectorate:


20/00001/REFUSE – Land North West Of Red Cottage 1 Weel Road Tickton – Change of use of land to gypsy caravan site and storage of vehicles, machinery and equipment within existing barn including hardstanding, construction of earth embankment and erection of ancillary amenity block (part retrospective).  

T&RPC Resolved:  To request that Planning Inspectorate take into consideration that the resident has dug a dyke around the plot which appears to be to support drainage on the site which would indeed suggest that this is an area of high flood risk inappropriate to caravans being sited on it.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the informal hearing scheduled to commence at 10:00am on 23 April 2020 at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Cross Street, Beverley, HU17 9BA is postponed until further notice.