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Changes to Septic Tank Regulations (1 January 2020)

The Environment Agency has supplied the following information to support residents;

Discharges to watercourses from septic tanks must be upgraded or replaced by the 1 January 2020. This includes rivers and waters above ground with a continuous flow.

The changes will ensure that individuals are compliant with General Binding Rules. The regulations cover most domestic properties and can be viewed on GOV.UK at:

If an individual is to purchase a property, an upgrade or replacement will need to be agreed with the current owner as part of the sale.

The following suggestions confirm what replacements are available:

–              A water company will be to advise if a connection to the mains sewer is possible

–              The installation of a drainage field to enable the discharge to enter ground

–              Introducing a small sewage treatment plant

–              Using a septic tank conversation unit which requires an Environmental Permit. Details about relevant permits can be viewed at:

To check what type of system is in place, organisations who collect redundant effluent or undertake a service for a property owner will be able to confirm.

Individuals in doubt, can contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 to discuss their proposals and to receive advice.


Grant funding may be available to groups of residents through the Routh Wind Farm Community Fund and further information is available at: 

Alternative, please call the Fund Administrator on 01482 391655 or email