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Community Led Housing

Some of you will already know that Tickton and Routh are embarking on a Community Led Housing project, but what does this mean?

Community Led housing is an exciting project whereby a group of volunteers form a legal entity and work with the community to provide housing that is both needed and affordable.  It can be used to house people from within the community or people returning to the community. It is the community that decide. The project begins with an idea, and concludes with a housing project that has been planned and managed by the community.

Currently there are 150 people on the waiting list to make their home within Tickton and Routh, these people come from both outside and within our parish, and are from all different age groups and backgrounds. Currently we have limited social housing within the parish, which will not fulfil the need for affordable housing across the whole spectrum of house sizes.

The Parish council along with small group of volunteers have already completed stage one of the process, which identified a potential need for a small number of dwellings.  We are now entering the second stage which will identify just what we need, form our constitution and begin the process of developing the project. The Parish council will also withdraw as stage two commences so the project will then be entirely in the hands of our capable the volunteers.

We are looking for enthusiastic people to join our small team to take this exciting project forward.  You do not have to have experience in the trades, just a genuine interest in helping the community develop a housing project that both meets the need and is appropriate for our Parish.  If you are interested and willing to devote some of your personal time and skills, whatever they may be, to lend a hand in any way you can, please contact the Parish Council Clerk in the first instance.  

The Parish Council Clerk can be contacted by Email:  or Mobile No: 07563 155095.